We understand this is a very important question when it comes to a Puppy or Young Adult Cost or Value, we are talking about two separate things. Our Puppies have a Cost that definitely does not compare to their real Value, By Values, we mean all that this puppy will be able to offer to his family or personal owner during his lifetime, the highlighted benefits this puppy will represent.
Covid situation has affected the Dog importation Prices, the shipping expenses have been doubled since March 2020, which influences the Puppies availability and costs, needless to say not only shipping costs have increased, Dog costs are higher than ever.
**Yes our Puppies are valuable and in many instances higher in Costs than the "common reduced-Price" many breeders offer.
As a Starting Point we can strongly agree about the  noticeable difference not only in Bloodlines, and correct Standard Structure Conformation but also the fact that we import Top of the line females with proven Temperaments and characters that not only they have had their Hips and Elbows CLEARANCES either on the FCI, OFA, or SV ,
BUT WE ARE CERTAIN THESE GIRLS COME FROM VERY WELL BALANCED LINEAGE THAT WE HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS IN THE BREED AND we can genetically guarantee soundness in mind, steadiness in nerves and willingness to please attitude in their offsprings.
Our Prices are described as follows
Standard Selection- $3,000.00
This Puppy Selection will be a high-quality family type puppy with Limited AKC REGISTRATION excellent temperament and character, chosen accordingly to the family lifestyle (We always offer guidance in the selection of the puppies) these puppies are not to be used for breeding nor competition, they may have one or some breeding flaw that does not make them potentially ideal for breeding, but has no imperfection as to basic Health, they are a great candidate's, Superb Family, Emotional Support, Assitance or Personal/Family  Protector qualification. Remember Puppies are delivered in accordance with deposit dates. We honor the dates of the deposit puppy buyers who have placed their deposit in order to select the desired characteristics and personalities. These pups are sold under Limited guarantees.
Prime Selection-3,500.00

This Selection means Top Choices, Picks  Males or Females with preselection evaluation. these puppies are sold with a Limited AKC registration with a Contract that states that they will be titled in any kind of sport or venue, preferably in IGP or AKC /FCI Obedience, Tracking/ Nose work, Barn Work, Hips and Elbows must be done prior to breeding and they must prove worthy of being used for breeding. After they have obtained any of these titles and before they are to get bred, we will lift the AKC limited Registration and Convert it to an Open AKC Registration. Please read our article about ** Pick of the Litter, It may have different meanings to every puppy buyer, there may be various Picks of the Litter accordingly to descriptions offered in the Puppy Inquiry Forms.. Remember Puppies are delivered in accordance with deposit dates. We honor the dates of the deposit puppy buyers who have placed their deposit in order to select the desired characteristics and personalities.

Diamond Selection- 4,000.00 up (Imported youngsters too)

This is the Higher Selection, where we have selected Top Over the line puppies whom we feel can succeed in high-performance achievements, Structurally correct with beautiful anatomy, high drives, strong working desires to be able to comply in Top Sports and Venues and have the anatomical qualifications to be a top prospect. These puppies are sold under Open AKC registration contract, were if by any chance owners do not fulfill the contract, dogs are not to be bred unless they acquire an AKC Performance title, CD, CDX, Utility or any other AKC FCI title.

** In many instances, we may have puppies that are older and have been imported from Europe and are available for Families, Companion, Special Services, training and /or working, due to the high shipping rates from Europe to the USA, these puppies are priced at $3,500. and up, the more training they have and higher in quality the higher they will be in prices.

We also do the DM clearances on all of our Dogs, we breed only to Top Studs who have all Health Clearances and Breed worthy tests (KKLI) done and have already produced High Standard offspring's who have been highly successful inland and abroad in Europe. Adding to this, our 45-year experience Judging and Breeding, our credentials as Temperament test FCI Judge and All Breed Judge Plus the fact we are a full-time Breeders, who shares full 24/7 dedication to the raising and development of our puppies. 
*Puppies are delivered with a Full  Health Record, Birth Certificates, Records of vaccines and dewormings, Microchips, tests, and  A Complete Health Certificate issued by a Veterinarian from the Florida State Veterinarian Association, in addition, we offer a complimentary Information Package which includes access to our Top Choice Educational Articles, a complete list of Top choice Videos for information and Training, it's of Upmost importance that our Southernwind Family is Highly educated in Puppy Development and  Puppy Care, Canine Behavior and training for which we offer 24/7 access to our Experienced Personnel who can assist in any kind of situation.  Our Staff consist of highly experienced Personnel in different Areas who can assist in Training, behavior, Care, Health. We will supply a list of our Personnel.
We also offer Puppy/ Youngsters in Educational Seminars.
                          We understand not every dog lover is ready to pay certain amounts of money for their loved ones,                               Please consider adopting at your closer Shelter, there are many candidates waiting for the right homes and right families!
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