We started this Breeding journey many years ago, when the Emotional Support and Special Services dogs were not as popular as they are today.  As the years passed, the increase on the Emotional Support and Special Services dogs has been quite noticeable. A change that has brought up the need for breeding of dogs with a higher level of intelligence and with specific genetic traits that will aid in these needs. We at Southernwind believe that a dog's mission is to become part of a Family life and extension of a lifestyle. For centuries, Dogs have guarded, Protected, accompanied and nurture their loved ones. Dogs have an extremely sensitive sense where they can fill the emotional needs of their pack; we as humans, with time and different ways of living, have lost that sense. But for Dogs, it still is instilled in them as part of their Survival instinct and they have the ability to bring healing power with their presence. We can see dogs now in institutions, Hospitals, Hospice care, and many other situations when the need for healing and the comforting is present. I have personally seen the Power of Heal  in a group of convicts and drug addiction centers were with a Canine Plan was included and in less than any other treatment, Dogs brought out in them a Incredible change: their attitudes, their body language, smiles, emotions overflowed these people and it was a great sense of accomplishment to be part and witness of these beautiful changes. After having had the opportunity to experience this, I truly believed in the Dogs' healing powers. I can still witness every day in my life, after hard working days coming to sit down and take a break in my sofa, have my two dogs, Max and Ricco come to me and place their heads on my lap and I can feel the energy flowing into my body, its a comforting energy that you gather from their Unconditional devotion and love. They always let you know, they are there for you, no matter what troubles or discomfort  life brings to you. Visit our SERVICE DOG PROGRAM PAGE!

For many years we bred following the needs of the past, but as time went by, we have learned from experience and our Breeding Plans took a strong turn towards the Breeding and raising dogs  which can fulfill necessities , Our Priority is breeding dogs that can perform and succeed in the different tasks the everyday personal life involves, we breed dogs that are intelligent, understanding, dogs that like to please, dogs that adapt well to different situations and are capable of adjusting to changes. 

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