• Cecilia Martinez

The Magic Of Kids and Dogs

I was born and raised with dogs at my side all my life! I'm a true witness of the effect Dogs have in Kids lives ! As a Kid, my mother tried by all means to show us the responsibility of having a dog and eventho sometimes we would fail in our Dog related chores, my mother would never allow our dogs to lack any attention nor love. I was taught to love dogs and animals, i was taught that they needed us to be able to survive and the great responsibility this meant in our lives !

I became a true Dog Lover, with the strong compromises to care and be certain of the welfare of animals. These traits do pass on to our social skills and relationships, kids that have the privilege to be raised with dogs are predominally mentally healthier and spiritual richer children that transform into adults that carry on a life full of emphatic feelings towards other fellowman. Dogs have the magic power to change the complete environment in a household and help receive many calls of families were there are kids and they have been waiting of the adequate time to acquire a family Pet, but Parents want to make sure the kids are ready to assume that responsibility and that a they are emotionally prepared to take that task and compromise. Bringing a new puppy home is a great responsibility and huge step, here in Southernwind we offer the greatest support and advice to make this magic Spell happen and come true, we love to share knowledge and advices to ur families, and we always keep a followthrough to make certain both the family, the children and the dog are happy and comfortable.

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