Sensory puppy training in Southernwind

Updated: May 23, 2019

As we all know , i worked for over 20 years with the Mounted Police in PR as a trainer and Advisor, i wrote the Manual for Basic training , Tactical Training and Sensory work. The responsibility in acquiring the greatest amount of success in these training meant the difference many times between life and death, or between the accomplishment or failure when it came to criminal actions being detained accordingly and successfully or failure in accomplishment, So my Training was very strict, highly structured and allowed no place for mistakes!

The time working and learning with horses and officers riders taught me many lessons as well, many of these i transported to the Dog Kind world!

Yes, when you start studying horse behavior and reactions you can create some comparisons with our K9 partners, even-tho they are different in the  wild, one is a predator and the other the prey, there are many traits that work the same way in training! ( even tho. I always place Dogs first in the learning process)

I did not go to Behavior school fir Dogs, i learned it from the 45 years of dealing with hundreds of dogs and their different traits, personalities, reactions, thresholds, etc. 

These experiences led me To conclusions were i knew there would be great advantages in doing sensory work with my puppies and imprint them with these experiences. I cannot explain the while Program Procedure for it would take pages and pages of writing, but i can say that ive used these Procedures with my puppies since i started breeding professionally for i had a Protection and obedience training Facility were i raised my own dogs and sold them fully trained back in the 80’s and i was able to start noticing the differences in puppies who had been handled  and with neurological stimulation since born to later receive the puppy sensorial program, to the ones i received from other breeders for Training who had not have any handling as babies! 

Definitely there is a big difference, puppies with neurological stimulation and sensorial presentations had a higher self confident attitude, their desire to work was definitely higher for they had been through stress exercises that showed them they could be successful and this lead into a motivational behavior for success in their performance! 

Here are some of the examples of the program done at 7 weeks of age, after they have all received prior preparation and stimulation on other exercises.

 These puppies were presented to a fast opening and closing of an umbrella, they were worked with different  terrain surfaces, loud noises,startling  noises, spooky objects, slippery floors, tarps being shaken upon them and many other exercises, their greatest one was the noodle work were we hit the floor very hard right next to them, and they all decided that was a fun one to bite and grab, sure, their prey drive is in them  and this is a normal reaction! 

This was a fun day for them and for us a valuable tool to measure our previous work done since they were born! 

We are firm believers that Sharing is Caring!  Hope you have enjoyed this article and please send us comments!! 

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