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We just got a new puppy what should we do?

The most important issues is to be certain we really will be committed to this puppy well being throughout all his life, a puppy welfare has to do very much with the structure we establish in his life, they are dogs, not humans, they come and think completely different than us human beings! So we need to comply and be asertive with their nature indtincts! We need to understand that obedience and structure will be necessary throughout the whole puppy -adult life! 

Its important for them to have a special “safe” home that means, crates to be used for the potty training and as a comfort zone, crates are never used for punishment! We need to have their food bowls and water bowl, leash, nylon collar, never leave the collar on in an unsupervised moment,  Puppies should always have supervision and if mot supervised they meed to be inna secure place or area were there are no dangers. Excercise, very important, puppies need to explore and run out their energies, but never overdo thevexcercise it can hurt tjeir growing plates and joints.

Puppies need socialization, exposure, and some stressful events that they can feel they can accomplish. Its imñortant to be under control and learn their names and the word come with inmrdiate action as well as the word Drop with inmediate response! This can be lifesavers!  We will continue our posts taking about puppies in the next week post!!

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