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Who chooses my future puppy?

Many times i receive messages asking me how they will know what puppy is going to be their puppy, also many people believe in the instant comunication of a puppy coming to you and choosing you, this belief is completely diverged preconceived idea.

I understand complete dogs are animals that are govern by natural instincts and not human reasoning, a puppy that comes to you on.a puppy visit is not necessarily the one will match with your family situation and day to day style of life, we have been breeding for over 40 years and we have wittiness multiple wrong choices because people feel they need to make that first contact as a sign of comunication, puppies aproach people because they have what is called social attraction and you may find yourself with 7 puppies clinging to you in every visit, puppies also have distraction periods when they like to observe and get a feeling of their surroundings and have curiosity of the new surroundings and may not be interested in coming to you at that precise visit. The only person that really knows temperaments, attitudes, reactions, and natural instincts on the whole litter is the breeder that raises the litter in their homes since newborn, a litter raised in an outside building w no 24/7 contact w the breeder develops differently and the breeder has no capacity nor real knowledge of each of her or his puppies attributes and personalities, therefore this being sayd, its of upmost importance the breeder selection based on what she has experienced throughout the babies development, its very important for the buyer to offer the most detailed explanation on his family day by day lifestyle, his house and surroundings, his expectatives on this puppy, its very important for the breeder to have the most information possible , for this information will grant the breeder to do a correct match, Dogs are not humans and are not attracted by pheromones like human beings, dogs have a big complexity of instincts that rule who they are and its important to be able to read them and determine which home or personal situation they are most suitable for, which im trying to bring in short is that the breeder is the one who does the evaluation , classification and determines which puppies are most suitable for each family and their lifestyle. 

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