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German Shepherd Dog History

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

As many know and we know you have read on our website, Southernwind Kennels started back in the 70's! At that time there were no computers or iPhones to contact breeders that were in other Countries. My first Shepherds came from a very respected and well-known breeder in PR who traveled all over Europe to find Top World-class dogs! But mainly his preferences were the

American bloodlines, and I was a high admirer of the Working dogs, I loved the Protection training and development of Personal and Family Protection dogs, but these American Bred dogs really didn't have all it takes to be the high efficiency Instincts and drives to become what i really cherished, the Complete German Shepherd, I longed for a dog who had the beautiful characteristics, standard anatomy, the true colors dark eyes and strong pigment with smooth angles who could move in a swift effortless, but also I wanted him to be the true courage dog with strong instincts to work, protect and be the perfect family dog!! I always talked about this to my mentor back in the '70s and he would look at me and say, "You are asking for too much" but i never lost the faith in acquiring that "Prime" cherished German Shepherd Dog! I cannot but be most grateful for all I learned with my Mentor and his American-bred dogs! I truly learned and went through many experiences that are definitely the building block of what Southernwind Kennels is nowadays!

Mrs Marion Fuller and Me

Back in 1989 I started correspondence with a German Breeder and his wife, Mr Karl Fuller and his lovely wife Marion Fuller, their kennel name was Kirschental Kennels .. never did I expect I was contacting one of the greatest building blocks in the breed!

In approximately 2002 my Son Franco who was military was transferred to Germany to a town named Kitzigen, there I had told my son I wanted to really meet personally Mrs Fuller and her husband and visit Kirschental kennels, it was a great thrill for me to be able to see all of those magnificent dogs and be able to see with my own eyes if my small German breeding program which started with some imports from Mrs. Fuller and a kennel name Viernheimi was heading the correct way.

Mrs. Fuller was an incredibly nice lady and she invited us to join her at her kennel and then go to what it was known as the Presieger, where there I met Mr. Ulma who was and still is the designated photographer for all Sieger dogs, he had been creating the Ulma books which were a huge collection of all the dogs that were presented in the German Sieger show and their pedigrees. These books I have cherished and I got my first book this day as a token from Mrs. Marion Fuller. These books are the greatest tools for Truly responsible breeders, it's a huge collection of pedigrees and combinations of actual dogs of the year. Each year a new book was published.

I was highly impressed with the photo day and saw many dogs that truly impressed me, while my son at my sie was telling me.."Mom you are doing a great job with your breeding program, I can now compare what you are doing and seeing these top German Dogs I can truly say with no Bias feeling, you have done a superb job"! My smile was huge hearing those words!!

I stayed in Germany for two weeks and was able to visit Kirchental Kennels and share with Mr. and Mrs. Fuller.

Mr. Fuller was a highly well know Sheep Herding trainer and it was a true spectacle to watch those dogs work in the fields!

This experience really carved into my mind which way I was headed with my Breeding Program, and now 20 years later I still look back and still feel the incredible sensation of the first time meeting Mr and Mrs fuller and sharing with them such a wonderful and educative time which has always left a non-erasable mark.

I will now share a link to highly impressive writing about the History of the German Shepherd, this essay was written by a highly knowledgeable German Shepherd expert, and reading through it I see the recognition they make to Mr. and Mrs. Fuller from Kirchental kennels and it fills me with great pride and enthusiasm I was able to meet and learn from such a prestigious and renowned breeders!

Gordon Garrett 304 –

700 Bay St Sault Ste Marie,

Ontario P6A 6L7 705 941 9391

Document formatting & editing:

Jim Engel, February 2012

This is the link to this wonderful Documentation that every German Shepherd owner and breeder should read!


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