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Health Benefits Only Man's Best Friend Delivers

You heard correctly! Only dogs have been given this distinct honor of proven health benefits, even more than the feline variety.. The CDC and The American Diabetes Association have shown through their research on the topic that our canine partners help reduce stroke, blood pressure, heart attacks, less pain and stabilize blood sugar. In addition to the emotional and socialization benefits they provide us. When you have a dog, in particular, the owner is able to see the socialization benefits by simply walking their pet. You ever noticed how the people always stop you to ask questions about your pet and how well behaved they are or beautiful they are? This increases your opportunities to feel connected and get additional emotional benefits that our dogs open doors to. Imagine you are the only one in their eyes and they are always waiting for your arrival, this brings a bond that surpasses many human relationships we have.

When it comes to children and ADHD or Autism, the benefits are simple to quantize. There are sensory benefits for the children from petting and holding their pets, as well as, concentration benefits as they care and provide for the needs of the pet; this helps children with Autism and ADHD, respectively. Additionally, children benefit in terms of allergy prevention and average more school attendance than their non-dog owning peers. Emotional relating, self expression, and over all well rounded children have been attributed to pet ownership as well, this includes animals in general.

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