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How to fill a K9 Blank Canvas, Creating your MASTERPIECE!

On many of our Puppy request inquiries forms we receive great and important information on the future family structure, Life Style and preferences on a puppy temperament and energy level. All the information filled in this request is very important for us to have an idea of the preferences of these families when choosing a puppy to be their lifetime Companions. At the same time they do submit what their expectations will be from this new family member, some want a good Emotional Support dog, a family Companion, A protection Dog, a dog with abilities and characteristics to be titled in K9 Sports, a dog to show etc...

On a well bred dog we can find lots of great characteristics and attributes that can fulfill all of these specifications and more.

There is a saying between the Top Experienced Performance trainers and Dog Trial Judges and breeders that they say "If the breeding is right and the genetics are there, you have no problem choosing a excellent puppy, you may close your eyes and just pick one, it will be the very best, for it has the genetic input for you to work and develop him to its fullest potential, its like a Blank Canvas"

A Blank Canvas is what you get, a Puppy with utmost breeding and genetics and its your responsibility to fill in that canvas with the best Top Art (Puppy training and development).

When you buy a puppy with good genetical makeup and that at the same time who has been raised correctly by the breeder, who has been highly exposed and socialized with different sensory obstacles and experience, you cannot go wrong, but its your responsibility what the turn out may be depending on the way you raise him, the structure you involve in him, how much time and effort are you willing to deposit in it, its your work of Art! The breeder has no control (Training techniques, structure, bonding) on what happens with the puppy once he leaves the premises and the complete responsibility falls on you to invest in the best of socialization, Structure, training, bonding, and to create a Masterpiece!

I receive E mails were they are saying they want a obedient dog, a dog that will obey orders, a Dog that will protect their homes, a Dog that will not get on sofas, a dog that will not beg at tables, I have even received messages that they request that their puppy doesn't chew on their furniture, or shoes, who doesn't jump into their garden..and so on..!

How many times I receive owners and dogs, because the dog is barking at other dogs, the dog is barking at people, the dog runs out of the house once you open the door, the dog jumps on people. All of this is called Education, Management and Structure.

Very important terms in the Dog Kingdom, and its a lifetime term that rules their life's!

Before acquiring a dog, be certain, be sure, you have the time the commitment, the desire to create a masterpiece out of your dog, these are issues that have a priority in a Dogs life, in fact they are a priority in their Preservation Instincts, Dogs need rules, need structure, need obedience, that is part of their Survival instinct nature. We highly recommend to seek for professional help if you may feel you are not capable of fulfilling these needs. Southernwind is always available to help with doubts, training tips and guidance, we have created a great list of what we call SWK9 Approved You Tube videos, from Trainers who have mastered in every sense what they teach, there are lots of "Trainers" in You Tube , but many of them lack the experience and expertise. We want our Southernwind families to be guided in the correct direction from the early stages of learning. Even if your dog is not going to Trial or compete, the need for structure, training, Management is the same in every life scenario.

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

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Joan Allen
Joan Allen
Oct 05, 2022

Is the list of what we call SWK9 Approved You Tube videos

available for viewing?

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