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We have decided to write a Story, which in a way is not just a story, it encloses facts of life behind the scenes of what sometimes a dog imagines may seem to the human eye. On the whole is a written story that does tell a story but it also educates us all on how the perspective of dogs' minds could be completely different and be highly complex to many Dog owners and Trainers.

In my 50 years of Dog handling, training, Judging, breeding, and "Old Timers Behaviourist" I have experienced lots of different experiences that have been great lessons to learn from the Best Teachers, Our Dogs!

I have taken the decision to share in different Blogs part of my past 50 years experience of dogs stories who have changed my life and have taught me lessons that no trainer no handler have been able to teach, for this is called MY Own DOG LIFE EXPERIENCES!, in these stories, you will be learning more of who I am, where I come from and how my life has turned to be a little encyclopedia of Dog experiences who have been the Masters of my present dog knowledge! I do not expect everyone who reads these stories to be 100% agreeable with what I will write, Each of us may have a different perspective and I will respect their opinion, for their opinion is based on their own experience and this has to be respected! I will share about my life with dogs, my experiences, and the learning phases and teachings I acquired from each of these experiences.

In Jet story, PLEASE REMEMBER JET IS A WORKING EAST GERMAN DOG, THIS IS WHY YOU WILL SE PICTURES OF HIM DOING STRONG BITE WORK LIKE THEY DO IN THE MILITARY AND POLICE K9 DEPARTMENTS! I will recapitulate how Jet came into our lives and why he ended up with us! Many of you will be able to see the learning phase behind this story, others will analyze it from

their own perspective of what they think.

At the end I will write my own Perspective and lesson this will give you a chance to know a bit more about how I see things and how my k9 mind analyzes!

. Jet Story..

I met Jet in Mississippi, he was a dual purpose Narcotics Patrol Dog, my friend Jaime Gascon, had got him back since the K9 Agent who had him passed away and his wife couldnt handle Jet. So Jaime as a K9 Patrol Trainer took him back for his breeding Program, on that time i had a client who came to me wanting a TOUGHT dog with extreme Drive, he proclaimed himself as a very well seasoned dog owner and Trainer and could title and manage any dog and was in the lookout for a superb dog to work, train and title, letting myself be convinced by all the credentials he told me, i inmediately thought on Jet.

I had at that moment a beautiful West German Shepherd line 12 month old boy who was very easy to handle, had incredible drive and a very level head, but he wanted a THOUGHER ONE, so off he went to my Friend Jaime to check on Jet, he spent two weeks at Jaimes and Cindy’s place in Mississippi were they have the most fantastic set up for training K9 officers and have also some beautiful Cabins they rent for people that want to experience nature and get out of the noisy and crazy cityonce a while.

Well my client stayed with them and Jaime took all the time into trying to train my client to handle Jet, needless to say, he bought Jet and brought Jet back to Florida, weeks went by and Problems started, Jet is an EXTREMELY EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT DOG too much sometimes for what the human dog wisdom can understand, many trainers tried to help with Jet and my client with no success,

Jet was able to read and understand what was going on and he definitely refused to accept all of that Control and interference with his space, he ended challenging my client and was never able to create a bond nor comunication with him, instead he was ruling the household! Jet nailed him softly various times, not really wanting to hurt bad ( for with Jets real grips are the toughest you may ever seen) he was just giving a warning, saying keep off me, anyway, my client came to me telling me he didnt want the dog and he was going to put him down and i said no way!!! Ill take the dog !!

Jet Last years babies

..So Jet ended with me and we understand each other perfectly, im not invading his space he highly respects me , never growled or challenged me, he obeys all commands and i do not get pushy with him, because we have really come to terms, we respect each others space and he truly trusts me, to the point he allows only me to be there helping when he is breeding a difficult female that wants to eat him up!! He knows im there to help and allows me to help and make things easier for him and me!

He is the greatest reproductor, his puppies are supeeer self confident with a great level head and super drives that can easily be guided, .. this is why i truly believe that there has to be a “magic” feeling when you acquire a dog, not all dogs do bond with everyone, personality traits do affect relations and body language can be misunderstood , no matter how much experience you gave how many dogs you have titled, Dogs are a Unique Mystery and not everyone can learn to read them at their fullest. Sometimes it takes a “Special intuitive trait” to be able to grasp what is happening in that dogs mind!

So dont feel bad if your dog does not get to bond with you, its not your fault, its just the chemistry that needs to be understood by both, and if you are able to read and learn about that Dog Chemistry then you have really started on the right foot to success!

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Thank you for sharing your experience with Jet. I’m happy to have read this because I’ve been wondering and finding out that there is a very complex relationship between the dog and his/her owner. I’m not sure if it is just the German Shepherd breed or if it is common among other breeds as well. Reba trusts me and I trust her. I am learning how best to communicate with her (read her) and she with me.

Replying to

That is wonderful to know, we love Reba and she is truly a Special One!! Im happy she is with you and you are enjoying her!!!



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