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As many of you know, my position on Dog breeding is not just breeding and creating pups, we are very strict with quality, health, and structure that can perform, but most of all we are highly interested that our Southernwind families receive the Best of K9 Education and learn to have Dog sense, I call it Dog Savvy this is the reason why we are always searching for the best articles and keeping our families and followers up to date with new techniques and dog Psychology to reach the highest level of understanding about how to train and the logics behind the training, what is the dog perceiving from the training applied, in fact, learn how the Dog thinks and be able to be in tune with what we may be teaching them and analyze if we are truly communicating with them and engaging with them in a positive and productive way, where we can see true clear results.

I personally am very fond of some True Legit trainers and one of them is Justin Rigney from,

K-9 Services Unlimited LLC.

Here is an article that I found quite beneficial for my Southernwind families to receive written by Mr. Justin Rigney, to contact him you may enter his site at

Monday through Friday, when you arrive home from work in appropriate attire, you get frustrated and angry at your lap dog for enthusiastically jumping all over you. Saturday and Sunday, you invite the same lap dog to join you or you reinforce their spontaneous intrusiveness by allowing them to jump into your lap and cuddle on the couch.

This is where the conflict is born. In the dog's mind, jumping in your lap during the weekend versus jumping on you and dirtying your work clothes during the week is the same exact intrusive behavior. In one context you get frustrated with the dog and in the other context, you invite it, and makes absolutely no sense to the dog.

When putting them in gray matter, they will always seek self-serving behaviors if allowed. If you seek total harmony and clarity in your relationship with your dog, what you allow must be consistent. It’s got to be “always or never”, not “sometimes or maybe”.

In your mind you’re treating the tiny predator as a “fur child” but it most certainly does not think with a human reasoning brain but through the mind of a creature who processes information through associative learning. Do them and your relationship a huge favor, speak to them in their native tongue, and be crystal clear about the boundaries you establish or they will forever be living in a state of conflict. I’m not saying don’t let them be lap dogs, just know you’ll always be making corrections for jumping.

The lap dog protocol I teach is, that they must achieve a calm focused position, then give them permission and invite them into your lap. A professional trainer can create cues the dog can interpret as gestural commands. Such as; standing means don’t touch and sitting is an invitation to jump into the lap may be forthcoming. However; not so easy for the average pet owner to maintain.

Shared w authorization of Justin Rigney

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