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Tips and Tools to Help Area Pets Who Need Your Help

Four-legged friends are a beloved part of any community. However, sometimes communities don't take care of their animals as well as they should. If you believe there are pets and strays in need in your area, you can take action. The below resource guide has tips and tools you can use to make a difference.

Research the Ways You Can Help Animals in Your Community

There are lots of ways you can get involved.

● Research existing animal charities to get inspiration for how you can get involved, like the Animal Rescue Foundation.

● Consider helping out by joining advocacy and educational initiatives that are dedicated to teaching people in your community about animal welfare.

● Solicit feedback from your local community to determine where they think support for animals could be used. For example, neighborhoods may worry about strays.

● Donate food, leashes, bedding, and other goods to area shelters.

Raise Awareness And Get Others to Help Your Animal Friends As Well

Get the entire community involved with these tips.

● Raise money for your area's animal charities, for example by performing a personal challenge like running a race.

● Host a dedicated fundraising event to collect donations for your cause of choice.

● Cross-promote and partner with existing organizations

● Look for innovative ways to raise money, such as a dog-and-car wash.

Formalize Your Charitable Efforts by Creating Your Own Nonprofit

Check off these administrative tasks to create your own charity.

● Learn about the different types of nonprofits, from associations to corporations.

● Write a business plan detailing how your charity will be structured and run.

● Recruit volunteers who share your commitment to helping four-legged creatures.

● Register your charity with the IRS to see if you qualify for tax-exempt status.

You don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference in an animal's life. There are small and affordable steps you can take to help pets in need, making your community a happier, healthier place for furry creatures. Trust the resources above to help.

Contributing article by Ryan Goodchild

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