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Bossa Armandia Lidderaldi Puppy
Maxi-Djenka puppy
Rena-Remi Puppies
Beki and Maximus Baby
Puppies at Playtime
German Shepherds by Southernwind
Puppies with a Mission
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German Shepherds by Southernwind
Luna-Max puppy
Maximus -Rena puppy
Beki and Tarkan puppy
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We know there are thousands of breeders available where you can acquire a puppy, but you have either found out about us by our wonderful references, by word of mouth, or by searching the Internet for that 5 star Google Review! You want the BEST puppies and we know that, and thank you for choosing us, as your German Shepherd Breeder. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Allow me to offer you short story background about myself: 

At a very young age, I was lucky to work with a very knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder who taught me all his specialized lifelong knowledge. Yet his greatest gift was the words he etched in my mind and in my heart ..never breed a dog with bad, weak or unsteady temperament, this will haunt you forever!!, His words were written in stone, in my heart, and in my soul!! Over the years I got to travel, watch thousands of different dog Trainers, Dog Shows, Sieger Shows, Training, and discipline. I,  then became a Judge for Conformation and for Temperament Test under the FCI. Also for 22 years I was the PR Mounted Police Trainer and Advisor, this experience led me to higher learning ability, where I became more aware of our animal's world, traits, and behavior, during this period I was able to recognize lot of reactive and Behavior patterns that rise from our animal's responses to situations, this was a great advance in my learning process and I was able to transmit these experiences into my Puppy raising and development program, which has really set up a great field of success. Our system is unique, and by just watching our puppies at the moment of delivery you can tell how much this process has imprinted them for life! Learning through Experience has been the key factor in our Breeding Program, We know the learning process never ends and we never stop learning. Through this dedication, we present you with the highest in quality and standards of German Shepherd Puppies available. We have a single goal: We breed Working /Conformation bloodline dogs with incredible TEMPERAMENT, BEAUTY, COLOR, AND HEALTH WE HAVE SET HIGH STANDARDS AND ONLY BREED THE ONES THAT REALLY HAVE THE TEMPERAMENT TO SERVE, LOVE AND PROTECT. ​

We pride ourselves on offering you the best German Shepherd Puppy you can get! 


All our puppies are registered with "American Kennel Club” or "FCI registrations"

We have a specially designed program to raise and develop our puppies. They are born inside my house and are in continuous contact with us exposing them to all sorts of situations and to our "Exclusive Sensory Program"  while we evaluate and reinforce the most perfect temperament.