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German Shepherds by Southernwind
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We know there are thousands of breeders available where you can acquire a puppy, but you have either found out about us by our wonderful references, by word of mouth or by searching the Internet for that 5 star Google Review! You want the BEST puppies and we know that, and thank you for choosing us, as your German Shepherd Breeder. We look forward to seeing you soon.


                  Allow me to offer you short story background about myself: 

At a very young age, I was lucky to work with a very knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder who taught me all his specialized lifelong knowledge. Yet his greatest gift was the words he etched in my mind and in my heart ..never never breed a dog with bad, weak or unsteady temperament, this will haunt you forever!!, His words were written in stone, in my heart, and in my soul!!

Over the years I got to travel, watch thousands of different dog Trainers, Dog Shows, Sieger Shows, Training and discipline. I,  then became a Judge for Conformation and for Temperament Test under the FCI.

Also for 22 years I was the PR Mounted Police Trainer and Advisor, this experience led be to a higher learning ability, were I became more aware of  our animals world, traits and behavior, during this period I was able to recognize lot of reactive and Behavior patterns that rise from our animals responses to situations, this was a great advance in my learning process and I was able to transmit these experiences into my Puppy raising and development program, which has really set up a great field of success. Our system is unique, and by just watching our puppies at the moment of delivery you can tell how much this process has imprinted them for life!


Learning through Experience has been the key factor in our Breeding Program, We know the learning process never ends and we never stop learning. Through this dedication we present you with the highest in quality and standards German Shepherd Puppies available.


  We pride ourselves in offering you the best German Shepherd Puppy you can get! 


All our puppies are registered with "American Kennel Club” or "FCI registrations"

We have a Specially designed program to raise and develop our puppies. They are born inside my house and are in continuous contact with us exposing them to all sorts of situations and to our "Exclusive Sensory Program"  while we evaluate and reinforce the most perfect temperament.



So you have decided you want a Southernwind Puppy?  Cheer up!! You have joined a great Family, the Southernwind Family, were you  will have full access to Complimentary advice and share the knowledge of our 40 plus years in the Dog World!

Our Puppies are part of our legacy, we trust them to our Families with complete honest desire  that they become a unique part of your Family.  You need to understand all the  time love and devotion investment is shared into their growth and development. We consider our puppies a Top Winning Prize in the Dog World,, puppies that go a step further when compared to the rest. the way Southernwid studies their Breeding Plans and combine bloodlines in search to that Unique puppy who will be at your side for the rest of his life. He is the one to complement you and your family, he is to be your friend, your guardian, your emotional support and your protector, that is  Southernwind breeding plans commitment!

Southernwind  goal  to deliver healthy, confident, outgoing, and  well rounded puppies with the ability to adjust to new environments with great resilience to react and adjusts to new situations and who will possess a willingness and desire to serve and create longlasting Human Bond
Since they are born we evaluate and Through observation and interaction, we strive to place the puppy who best suits the clients' needs , type of household and lifestyle.
Our puppies' fullfilness is very important to us. Southernwind has a Priority in our breeding program and is that Puppies need to be in the adequate environment where they can develop at their fullness their natural abilities and instincts developing a long lasting relationship between the puppy and his family
We will not place a puppy in a situation where we feel the puppy is not suitable to the lifestyle of the Individual or family!

This is one important detail that we explain to our future puppy owners, we are the ones who choose the puppies for you, we are the matchmakers!

Now the reality, lets talk about prices.. no matter what even tho Breeding and raising is our lifestyle, there is a big investment in our Breeding Programs, Sires imported from Europe who have Top Proven Bloodlines in health, beauty, temperament and quality, and these qualities does has a price, Our girls as well come from Top prized Quality bloodlines which gives us the certainty that this girl will be a great producer of health, Temperament, Beauty and Courage, very important requisites for an Top overall producing female.


Our puppies prices start in $2,500.00 ( *Pre-selected as not of breed-able quality by breeder Pet-Companions W LIMITED REGISTRATIONS, these puppies are usually sold under these terms to control the breeding and alternatively there may be gorgeous, incredible temperament puppies with some breeding flaws like non dropped testicles, hernias, or not standard bite and they are considered Pets not for show or breeding quality but are superb prospects for Families or any other tasks which do not involve showing or breeding) to $4,500.00 (Full Registration rights)  for the top and Pick of the Litter if they are to be shipped, they are shipped by United Airlines all over the US and PR, Shipping costs, Kennels and travel certificates with microchips are included in the cost of the puppy.  Before placing a deposit on one of our puppies we require you to fill our Puppy Buyers Questionnaire and be mailed to us at after we have evaluated the questionnaire we will get back with you and discuss further details!


  • Puppies are delivered at 8 weeks of age when the puppy leaves, he has had two sets of vaccines, three sets of deworming, A Health Certificate issued by the Florida State Licensed Veterinarian, we include dosage for 5 days of Metrodinazole in case of Giardia Infection

  •  Health History

  • Vitamins Sample and Information On NU Vet Supplements to register

  • Microchips

  • Information regarding Training, Educational Material, Standards, Structure, Feeding, First Aids and management is sent over emails

  • link to complete over 10 generation pedigrees with images and hips and elbows information on generations, it can be dated back to its origins in 1989.

  • AKC registration is prepaid by the owner and filled by the breeder.

  • Our puppies include a Support Program throughout the puppy life into adulthood. You become a Southernwind Member of the family!


We require a $500.00 non refundable deposit to reserve a puppy, you may do payments weekly if you feel comfortable until the puppy is paid in full at 8 weeks when he is ready to leave, if by 8 weeks he has not being paid in full and you state in writing you do want the puppy, we will be charging 10.00 a day for boarding and care . Puppies are not held more than 10 days after ready to be delivered.


Selection of Puppies

Many people ask us why we do not place color ribbons on the puppies, we do place color ribbons on them, but we do not send pictures when asked with the color ribbons on, for people tend to choose by pictures and they have no idea what the puppies traits nor temperaments are yet. Puppies are to be selected by the breeder in combination with the prospective owner.  At Southernwind, we understand everyone is eager to make their selection, but so many things have to be taken into consideration first. From the moment our puppies are born we start evaluating the puppies characteristics and once the puppy is old enough to show real traits we start creating a profile on each puppy which we use to determine the most suitable match for an owner.  If we have different families with the same type of lifestyle, we go by the first person who put their reservation deposit money, hence, pick of the liter. Once we have matched your puppy's personality with your lifestyle and you two are paired that's when we place the colored ribbon on him/her so we don't mix them up after our combined selection. This is for the benefit of you and the puppy. As a Precaution we have established a Rule were Visitors are allowed to come to see puppies only after they have had their first set of vaccines, this is at 6 weeks, we hope you understand, this is for the safety and health of our babies.


Due to our amount of work with our Dogs,  and setting a priority for our puppies Health concern it is very hard for us to have spare time to accept leisure visits, we try to offer the most complete information on our Web site, if there are any doubts we accept phone calls and try to answer all questions,  taking this into consideration, Visits are welcome only for placing deposits on present Puppies and visiting already reserved puppies. We hope you can understand our  Puppy Health  visiting policy,

Please Note:

If for any reason you do not want the puppy, please return the puppy but you forfeit the deposit and it is withheld by the breeder.

Now we would love for you to view a collection of our sweet dogs and puppies below........

We have included a Southernwind Virtual Tour Video



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