Sensory Work, Fun Training and Enrichment


Our Sensory Program is basically the start of a strong foundation to create self confident, well adjusted Puppies and future Adult dogs. The more exposition puppies have to different experiences the stronger they are emotionally and physically, everything is done in a fun play way, no stress, no controversy, we are building future well mannered dogs that can withstand pressure in case needed and can be highly emotional and susceptible to when he may recognize your moods and feelings, but this does not means they are weak, instead the more adaptable, the more they get to acquire senses and energies around them the stronger they are.

Working with the Mounted Police and Training Horses for they finest type of performance helped me to understand how important Sensory work is and how to imprint this in a positive way, Socialization is important, but has to be combined correctly and with good foundation with the Sensory work.

As babies we do the neurological practices.

The U.S. Military in their canine program developed a method that still serves as a guide to what works. In an effort to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes, a program called "Bio Sensor" was developed. Later, it became known to the public as the "Super Dog" Program. Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects. Their studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results. The first period involves a window of time that begins at the third day of life and lasts until the sixteenth day. It is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, and therefore is of great importance to the individual.

The "Bio Sensor" program was also concerned with early neurological stimulation in order to give the dog a superior advantage. Its development utilized six exercises which were designed to stimulate the neurological system. Each workout involved handling puppies once each day. The workouts required handling them one at a time while performing a series of five exercises. Listed in order of preference, the handler starts with one pup and stimulates it using each of the five exercises. The handler completes the series from beginning to end before starting with the next pup. The handling of each pup once per day involves the following exercises:

  1. Tactical stimulation (between toes)

  2. Head held erect

  3. Head pointed down

  4. Supine position

  5. Thermal stimulation

If  interested You can find more information reading this ARTICLE 

Since puppies turn 2.5 weeks we start introduction to noises, after that we introduce stronger noises and they get a reward after they hear the noise this way they associate the noise with a positive input, from there on everything is done in a way its fun and develops the puppy to its fullest potential

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