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Thinking about acquiring an older puppy or Dog? You have come to the right place! Occasionally we have older puppies from our own Southernwind Breeding Program that come back to us due to Family situations,, changes in Jobs, Health issues with owners, Moving out to places were they do not accept dogs, or many other situations highly common in everyone's lives. In our Contract, we state that if there is a situation that arises with any of our Southernwind puppies, we require them to come back to us. On the other hand, we also import very nice top Young German imports for many clients. For if your desire is to acquire a Nice and Highest quality Import we can do it for you too, we take care of the process up to the Shipping and USA Customs Permits to import the dog into the USA and we take care of the Foreign Registration Application to transfer the dog to the AKC under your name. For any dog or puppy we import for our clients we give the same service that characterizes Southernwind as the Top German Shepherd Breeders as far as Service, Honesty, Integrity, and reliability. We go the extra mile to support our families in any given dog situation. ​ We also occasionally have retired breeding ladies we are looking for supportive and loving forever homes, these girls are girls that have offered a great service to our breeding Programs and we like to reward them with the best possible lifelong Loving home! Our Foster Care Homes for Breeding Females- We do place our active Breeding girls occasionally in Homes under Breeding Contracts, these girls get to live a family Life but are active as breeding girls in our Programs, they come to us to be bred and to whelp and then they go back to their Foster Homes, after a certain amount of breeding s these girls are totally turned over to the foster Homes and neutered (under the fostered home cost)  to live a fantastic retired family life, this situation gives the opportunity for a family to share with one of our beautiful well-behaved girls and share the joy for living a great family life it is a win-win situation for both parties for there is no cost involved on the girl and the care during the pregnancy and after delivery is assumed by the breeder. the family gets to share the great Companion and Love and the female has a great family that gives her a one to one attention! ​ ​

These are our Spectacular Retired Ladies and Boys available to Selected Homes

Atina- Ceci.JPG

Call for more information on our planned retiring girls or boys 787-509-8857- 586-933-7862

Rosie VD Southernwind

"Meet Rosie, our retired matriarch with a heart full of life! 🐾💖 Rosie's joy knows no bounds, especially when it comes to playtime with water and showering affection on kids. Her warm temperament is the perfect match for families and outdoor enthusiasts. This big-hearted girl has gracefully retired from motherhood and is now eagerly seeking her forever retirement home, where she can share her love and zest for life. If you're ready to welcome Rosie into your heart and home, get in touch today!" 🏡🐶✨ #RetiredRosie #ForeverHome #FamilyCompanion"

Tanja Od Stojkovica  IPO1

DOB- 09. April 2018

"Meet Tanja Od Stojkovica: A Remarkable Companion Ready for Adoption 🐾

Born on April 9, 2018, Tanja embodies boundless spirits, an adoration for people, and an uncontainable zest for life. This active and spunky sweetheart has received extensive IPO1 training, making her not only wonderfully obedient but also a potential protector when needed. Tanja forms deep bonds with children and thrives within the embrace of a loving family. Her heart yearns for wide-open spaces where she can play and partake in outdoor adventures.

With certified hips and elbows, Tanja, hailing from Germany, is a testament to quality and health. If you're seeking a loving companion with both loyalty and the heart of an adventurer, Tanja might just be the perfect addition to your family. Give her the forever home she deserves! 🏡🐶❤️ #AdoptTanja #IPO1Champion #LoyalCompanion"


Due to personal circumstances, we find ourselves in a challenging position where we must make a difficult decision. We have decided to offer for sale these remarkable young Dogs who possess exceptional qualities, both in terms of their pedigree and temperament. They come from a prestigious bloodline that is highly regarded in the canine community. We understand that finding the right home for these dogs is of utmost importance. We are seeking individuals who appreciate the value of a high-quality bloodline and are genuinely interested in providing a loving home for them. Whether you are looking for a cherished family companion, a potential stud for breeding, or a faithful companion, these dogs have the potential to exceed your expectations. Rest assured, the well-being and happiness of our dogs are our top priorities. We want to ensure that they find a suitable environment where they will thrive and be cherished as valued members of the family. If you are interested in welcoming one of these extraordinary dogs into your life, please reach out to us. We would be delighted to discuss their unique qualities and provide further information. Together, let's find the perfect match for these exceptional dogs.

Dunja Team Carrera 

DOB- 05/05/22



Meet Dunja, a stunning imported German Shepherd young dog with an abundance of remarkable qualities. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she possesses a heartwarming sweetness that makes her a true lover. Dunja's sociability and intelligence shine through as she thrives in the company of people, capturing the attention of everyone around her. With an impressive pedigree featuring top German dogs known for producing exceptional quality for generations, Dunja boasts a consistent gene profile that ensures a balanced temperament and self-confidence. She is an incredibly playful companion with a strong inclination towards tasks such as hiking, sports, AKC, or FCI activities. With her exceptional traits and abilities, Dunja is destined for great success in various performance endeavors while also making an outstanding companion. Should the need arise, training services are available to further enhance Dunja's already impressive skill set.

Zana VD Southernwind

DOB- 05/05/22


"Introducing Zana VD Southernwind: Your Perfect Family Companion 🌟🐾

Born on September 30, 2022, Zana is a true embodiment of beauty, sweetness, and an immense capacity for love. Her affection for kids and people is boundless, making her the ideal addition to any family. Zana's playful nature and enthusiasm for activities make her a wonderful asset for a household filled with joy and adventure.

With her stunning structure and impressive pedigree, Zana is not just a loving companion but also a potential showstopper. She's a quick learner, always eager to please, and a faithful companion who'll be right by your side through thick and thin.

Don't miss the chance to welcome this outstanding pedigree and gorgeous girl into your life. Zana is waiting to become your family's newest and most cherished member. 🏡🐶💕 #ZanaSouthernwind #PerfectCompanion #FamilyLove"