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All of our puppies are bred from Health Cleared Parents, our Studs and Females have been certified By either OFA or from the FCI(''SV") A STAMP in Germany. We do the DM tests on our breeding stock as well. Our Breeding stock comes from Top European VA bloodlines coming from Germany.

Even If you are not interested in a showing or competing with your dog the importance of a well-bred puppy with strong genetic background as well at the comfort of know they have been health tested for multiple generations should give you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best puppy.

We travel to Germany to the SV Sieger show  every year were there we have the oportunity to share with many breeders and see the Top Dogs from all over the World, we have the oportunity as well to  personally check for ourselves, the Top VA's offsprings and evaluate their caracter and temperaments, that way we have the assertivity  and knowledge to direct our Breeding Plans. 


 Our Puppies are raised in an incredible environment with exposure to all circumstances. This makes for puppies who are confident and can adjust into any home. Our puppies are well socialized with Large and small animals, small children as well as both men and women. These puppies have wonderful social temperaments and are perfect for Showing, performance, service as well as companions.


I have had over 45 years’ experience working with Dogs and horses, I truly value breeders that put their all into raising their puppies it takes a full-time commitment to develop puppies who are self-confidence, resilient and are eager to learn and live up to the highest potential of their ability. We have given your puppy the foundation to be great. We encourage you to follow our training techniques for the life of your puppy.

.Our puppies genetics carry most of the Top German Champion Bloodlines of the show rings today. Bred in the USA or imported from select kennels from around the world we ensure that they have complete health tested parents and well-balanced temperaments. All of our puppies are microchipped with proper age defined shots up to date and include a 24-month guarantee from date of birth.


Please remember to fill out our Puppy Request Form if you are interested in acquiring a Southernwind Puppy

Read our *PUPPY GUIDELINES  required to be printed and signed when picking up one of our puppies 

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Southernwind puppies are whelped inside our homes and get to experience the 24/7 presence of different noises and sounds, we do the early neurological stimulation as well.

At 6 weeks we start the exterior exposition to different environments, but they have already been exposed partially since 3 weeks to the outside stimulation Ay 8 weeks they have already undergone our UNIQUE 

( click on the link)-Southernwind Structured Sensory training program and you will be getting pictures of their development as they pass on to the next level

Puppy Package includes:

  • Health History

  • Fl. State Dept Health Certificate

  • Health Insurance Program with   https://trupanion.com/

  • Vaccines

  • Dewormings

  • Contract

  • Microchip

  • Guarantees

  • Pedigree

  • AKC registration (Limited)

  • Lifetime Advisory First Responder Service

  • Link to Information on Pedigree Database

Where you can find out about your puppy's generations, Hips, Elbows, German Sieger Titles, and Working Titles up to  1898 over 100 years of interesting Data available for your information, excellent research where you will be able to see photos of hundreds of dogs ancestors, pedigrees behind them and the evaluations and ratings of them with the SV- German Organization that rules the German Shepherd breed Standards, breed quality, Tittles, Health certifications

We know there are many Breeders to choose from, Please check our link in Google to check our Reviews, we also provide information of our Veterinarians and organizations if you feel to make an in deph evaluation of our Breeding Programs and to know who we are.

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German Shepherd Puppies in Florida
Pedigree of Puppies-

Puppies are expected to be whelped around the 14th of december!
This is a litter that has caused a great commotion between the high knowledge breeders and German Shepherds entusiasts!!Both dogs come from exclusive German Bloodlines who have proven to be great producers!
Keyla is a 2 times 

VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland  IPO3   Kkl passed 
daughter and
Ethan is out of the Great  world well known
VA(BSZS, DK, NL) Fred vom Rumbachtal SchH3

Please remember to fill out the 
puppy request form
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Neva and Ingo.jpg
The Epic  LITTER!!!
DOB Dec 12/21
Neva has been imported in whelp from Europe bred to Ingo Dudalani IPO1 KKLIA.
This Combination it will be one very Special one,  Great temperaments and strong caracters, good social skills with great intelligence !
We will be updating more pictures  and information as the time of delivery gets closer!

Please remember to fill out the 
puppy request form
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Double Diamond, THE GLADIATOR  LITTER!!!
Tiny Whalepharm Land IGP 1  bred to the VA son of VA 3 Marlo Von Baccara IPO3 KKLIA,  Marlo von  Whalepharm IGP 2
Pedigree on Tini
Pedigree on Marlo


Tiny, A Va  Willy Von Kuckuskland granddaughter Has been imported in whelp from Europe 
We trust this combination to be an epitome of superior qualities, Tiny has the most wonderful temperament, very sweet and loves to  please, since the day she arrived from her long trip , she came out of the kennel as she had been all her life in our home, this lets us know she is definitely a High confident female, which we really strike as one of our priorities characteristics on our breeding girls, after this some of our dogs came to greet her and she was extremely fine with no sign of fear nor aggression, another quality we really strive for, no problem with smaller dogs, no problem with horses and was not startle by any new events, in fact she was quite at ease and we could see the way she analyzed everithing that was going around her. Tiny is a extremely large substance/ size  girl , she will definitely will produce strong bone and structure along with all the priority qualities we take first account for, Temperament, Health, attitude!

  Great temperaments and strong characters, good social skills with great intelligence ! we already have some deposits for reserve in this litter, we highly recommend this litter!
We will be updating more pictures  and information as the time of delivery gets closer!
Please remember to fill out the 
puppy request form

MORE PUPPIES TO COME IN January through March

Litters will be anounced as soon as they are born and pedigrees and pictures will be forwarded to  our Puppy Request lists and Reservation deposits Lists,  Really interested people, Please remember to fill out the
Puppy Request Form , we will not accepts puppy requests if this form has not been fulfilled!
*these litters are all going to be Black and Reds
Strong bone, Dark Pigments, we expect outstanding structure and "out from the ordinary" Temperaments!

feel free to contact us by phone at 

Remember we have PUPPY BEGGINNERS TRAINING available, for more information, contact us and we will guide you into the correct program and Trainer accordingly with your needs and expectations.


Brooksville, Florida

CECILIA MARTINEZ 787-509-8857/  352-667-3844- 

JENNIFER SOWIECKI 586-933-7826 Assistant

PUPPY TRAINING in Florida- Nelson Valera -813-409-7026 and Ashley Lucas -337-258-3337 Skyler Sowiecky- 586-933-7862(Puppy Starter)

Belgian Malinois In Georgia

FRANCO SANTANA, 760-577-1688


Southernwind is composed of a  Complete Family of K9 Trainers, Breeders, and Advisors, we also do have Breeding Partners who whelp and raise our Southernwind puppies, these breeding Partners have been trained by Southernwind on how to undergo all procedures on the whelping and neonatal procedures. All Contracts Guarantees, advisory Plans, and educational information is only supplied and supported by Southernwind bred dogs,   at the moment we have puppy availability and we are accepting deposits for these litters, Quality, Temperament and Soundness is not questionable, we only breed High Standards, always keeping in mind these are future family members which we emphatically assert the importance of Genetic Health, Temperament, and character. we want puppies and dogs to be lifelong partners and can offer the very best of health and support for their families!


PUPPY TRAINING in Florida- Nelson Valera -813-409-7026 and Ashley Lucas -337-258-3337 Skyler Sowiecky- 586-933-7862(Puppy Starter)


Not all litters are posted on this page, feel free to call us and we will gladly offer more information!

Southernwind Family