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All of our puppies are bred from Health Cleared Parents, our Studs and Females have been certified By either OFA or from the FCI(''SV") A STAMP in Germany. Our Breeding stock comes from Top European VA bloodlines.

.Our puppies genetics carry most of the Top German Champion Bloodlines of the show rings today. Bred in the USA or imported from select kennels from around the world we ensure that they have complete health tested parents and well-balanced temperaments. All of our puppies are microchipped with proper age defined shots up to date and include a 24-month guarantee from date of birth.


Please remember to fill out our Puppy Request Form if you are interested in acquiring a Southernwind Puppy

Read our *PUPPY GUIDELINES  required to be printed and signed when picking up one of our puppies 

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Southernwind puppies are whelped inside our homes and get to experience the 24/7 presence of different noises and sounds, we do the early neurological stimulation as well.

At 6 weeks we start the exterior exposition to different environments, but they have already been exposed partially since 3 weeks to the outside stimulation Ay 8 weeks they have already undergone our UNIQUE Southernwind Structured Sensory training program and you will be getting pictures of their development as they pass on to the next level

Puppy Package includes:

  • Health History

  • Fl. State Dept Health Certificate

  • Vaccines

  • Dewormings

  • Contract

  • Microchip

  • Guarantees

  • Pedigree

  • AKC registration (Limited)

  • Lifetime Advisory First Responder Service

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Crista - Bello 

Bred on 4/22/2020

Expecting Puppies on

June 24/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

Aug 22/2020

Our Beautiful Bello ( aka Goran) he arrived our Kennel and has set an over the Top Standards, his beauty, elegance, and regalness causes to creat captive attention from everyone who watches him, Goran is very masculine, strong bones, effortless movement, beautiful structure along with the greatest of temperaments makes Goran a Unique  Dog, there are thousands of Champions, but the one is drawn when you can point at a dog and label him as impeccable, this is our Goran, Beauty, Brains, Health, Social, Loyal, a child at heart, committed to his performance!


Crista is our Top of the line Girl, her temperament is absolutely impeccable, great social attraction, incredibly intelligent, strong nerves, loves to play, loves children, and is a girl with a strong instinct to please...What can we say,, this combination definitely is a Top-Notch Combination, we expect Fantastic outcome not only in beauty, and brains, but the Superior worldwide renown Pedigree stands as a backbone as per the ability to produce incredible temperaments with a balanced mentality, Strong nerves, and high Thresholds. We can assure these puppies are a Hit to the Jackpot, the Pedigree carries not only the Top World is known Champions but Top Producers of all times as well, take your time and check on the pedigree, you may google search on the names included in the VA titles and find lots of videos and extra information you will be amazed and highly Proud to bring one of these babies into your home..

We say, let's start with a strong backbone and strong foundation, and the rest it flows. These babies will be great for a large venue of Disciplines, including the perfect Family companion and Pet. We will be doing a  selection on these puppies and qualify them accordingly as for  Service PTSD Dogs, Companion, Protection, or Sports or working Disciplines.

Dushanka - Bello 

Bred on 4/01/2020

Expecting Puppies on

June 1/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

July 28 /2020

Extreme breeding, We already have introduced Goran, now we will introduce you to our beautiful Dushenka! She is Majestic, impressive, and true love, this combination will be an explosive combination, we really have set our winning cards on it. Dushanka produced our baby Munster and also our Anastacia, both offsprings outshine any others and their intelligence is sublime!

These puppies are bred to be a Jack of all Trades and a Master of all! it can happen with Well Bred Dogs and this will be a living proof!! Bet your cards on this one!!

Wanna- Prince 

Bred on 05/10/2020

Expecting Puppies on

07/12/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

09/10 /2020

Daisy- Bello

Bred on 05/08/2020

Expecting Puppies on

07/ 10/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

09/ 05 /2020

Zen X Gianni 

Bred on 05/25/2020

Expecting Puppies on

07/ 29/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

09/ 24 /2020

Asti X Bello

Asti Di Weis Kirchen


SG1 Bello di Valpoggio

Pedigree on Puppies

Bred on 05/25/2020

Expecting Puppies on

07/ 29/ 2020

Puppies Ready to go homes

09/ 24 /2020

Litter of Puppies in Foster Homes or Stud Service Picks of the Litter

Daisy- Goran - Bred 5/7/2020

Expect delivery Puppies - 7/11/2020



Wanna- Prince-Bred 5/8/2020

Expect Delivery- 7/12/2020



Ikar-Rhonda- Bred -5/11/2020

Expect delivery Puppies-7/15/2020



Rhina- Barry- Bred 5/14/2020

Expected Delivery- 7/18/2020


Zen -Gianni- Bred 5/25/2020
Expected Delivery- 7/29/2020


Morena- Barry- Bred on 6/18/2020

Expected Delivery- 8/20/2020

Saskia- Goran  Bred 6/15/2020

Expected Delivery- 8/18/2020

Athena- Ikar- Bred  6/19/2020

Expected Delivery- 8/21/2020

Southernwind is composed of a  Complete Family of K9 Trainers, Breeders and Advisors, we also  do have Breeding Partners who whelp and raise our Southernwind puppies, at the moment we have puppy availability and we are accepting deposits for these litters, Quality, Temperament and Soundness is not questionable, we only breed High Standards, always keeping in mind these are future family members which we emphatically assert the importance of Genetic Health, Temperament, and character. we want puppies and dogs to be lifelong partners and can offer the very best of health and support for their families!

Not all litters are posted on this page, feel free to call us and we will gladly offer more information!

Southernwind Family

We have been breeding, selecting and evaluating dogs, puppies Youngsters, females for over 45 years, and we have always been very careful about the selection of our breeding stock. We understand our Southernwind Family has deposited great trust in our Breeding Plans and we are highly conscious of this responsibility. for the last couple of decades, we can say we have been quite assertive on our breeding plans, our Customers who become part of Southernwind Family are the real witness of this! 

We acknowledge the amount of German Shepherd Breeders whom you have to choose from and we truly feel quite enthusiastic when we receive a call that tells us'

"We have checked upon every breeder possible and for some reason, we  want to explain we come back to Southernwind", you know you have Top caliber dogs, with health and clearances, you have dogs that are among the Top dogs in Germany  in the Sieger shows and as great producers, but you do not brag  about that, you do not come out with the same saying, Our Dogs are the Best of the Best, Our Dogs are from the highest quality you can ever find,,

...No we do not use this phrases, we are conscious there are many great dogs and many great breeders, but we are quite assertive in producing Dogs that even tho they may be in the Top of the Line in Quality, our dogs have a more important mission in life, they do have a purpose in life and we have a commitment to delivering Good, Sound Structured dogs with impeccable temperament and strength of nerves, we work hard, we invest the greatest effort and sacrifice to deliver babies with outstanding qualities that will fulfill the most strict requests.

Call or text us 787-509-8857 /760-577-1688

A Deposit is required to reserve a puppy, you can place a deposit in this site, its upmost important to DISCLOSE that Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE., But can be transferable for next 3 litters.( This applies to all of our Breeds, The Belgian Malinois in Georgia and Florida- Franco E Santana in Georgia and the German Shepherds all bred or sold by Southernwind Kennels and or its representatives.