Our Working Dogs

Southernwind started back in the 70's and we are firm believers that all German Shepherds should carry the capacity to look after and protect their Loved ones and their properties. German Shepherds were created as herding dogs, with the capacity to mantain the herd together, bring any stray sheep and protect them from any predator.

This breed carries this trait as an inherited gene that is present in all German Shepherds, some more, some in less strength, its a  instinct that good responsible breeders should always strive to keep in their breeding program.

Here is sometimes were the debate starts, for when the Wall was built in Germany the History of the DDR

Click on this Link to learn more about the History of the difference in the Show/Working West German Lines and the East Working Lines.

At Southernwind We are pleased to offer some of the finest European Structure/Working lines

Our studs are proven producers of exceptional Temperaments, strength in nerves and self Confidence, which they are able to transmit to their offspring, Our Puppies are doing very well in
 All types of Performance and areas of sport, IPO, Ring Sport, Search & Rescue, Personal Protection , Cadaver work K9 Police work, Servicedogs, Full Therapy dogs for many different situations including, seizure alerts, Diabetic alert, Stress levers, PTSD and as family companions.


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Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
Jet- Tsume Vom Broadway
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