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THEY ARE HERE!!!! dob- 6/14/2024!!!

Introducing our highly anticipated Southernwind litter from the exceptional pairing of Bello di Valpoggio (AKA GORAN) and Astrid VD Southernwind (AKA KHAOS). This repeat breeding has already produced outstanding puppies, known for their unparalleled health and superb temperament. These German Shepherd puppies epitomize excellence, consistently surpassing the highest expectations of both owners and trainers.

Renowned for their remarkable intelligence, loyalty, and trainability, these pups are ideal for family companions, working roles, or competitive environments. Southernwind is always placing the families' priorities first in our mission, and this breeding was planned with that in mind as a priority. Don't miss your chance to bring home one of these extraordinary puppies from a lineage of proven excellence. Reserve yours today!

Litter from
Bello di Valpoggio (AKA GORAN)
and Astrid VD Southernwind (AKA KHAOS)
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Puppies from THEIR Last Litter

Astrid Goran Puppy
male- (5).JPG
male maverick (7).JPG
male- (61).JPG
male- (40).JPG
Interview with a New  Southernwind Family Puppy owner

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Southernwind K9's available puppies are a testament to the pinnacle of breeding excellence, showcasing the finest 100% European Bloodlines. Each puppy is bred with a meticulous focus on not just physical attributes like excellent temperament and conformation, but also on health and versatility, ensuring they are capable of excelling in a variety of roles. This commitment to quality means that Southernwind K9 puppies are not only beautiful and well-behaved but also robust and adaptable, ready to become a loving member of your family or excel in specialized roles.

for more information on Pedigrees with Pictures and list of health clearances on each generation, please call us, we will supply information on Pedigree lineage up to 1898 free of charge.

"Unleash Harmony: Mastering Behavior in German Shepherds!"

dog book mockup.jpg
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🐾 Dear Beloved Followers and Fellow Dog Lovers, 🐾

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the first edition of "Conquering Common Behavior Problems in German Shepherds"! This book is a labor of love dedicated to all of you, my wonderful dog friends and puppy and dog owners. 

Inside these pages, you'll find a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to help you navigate the sometimes-challenging journey of raising a German Shepherd. From unraveling the mysteries behind behavioral issues to implementing effective solutions, this book is your trusted companion every step of the way.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me. I poured my heart and soul into crafting this resource, and I can't wait to hear how it resonates with you and your furry companions. Together, let's embark on this journey of understanding, growth, and companionship.

With wagging tails and heartfelt gratitude,

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