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Become a partner on Our Special Breeding Fostering Homes

Southernwind offers the opportunity to become part of our Foster Homes for our Breeding Girls.  We offer the alternative to sharing your life with one of our breeding girls at no upfront cost.

Here is how it works.

Southernwind has some selected females who we believe would do well in a Family environment and we would like to give them the opportunity to share a family and Home lifestyle. Taking in consideration the premise that many families cannot afford to buy upfront one of these exclusive girls, we offer a partnership where this girl will become part of your family under your care, responsibility, and Love.

This girl will provide the family with great companionship and Love and at the same time grow fond and bond with the family. During this process this female will be part of Southernwind Breeding Program, where we will take care of all that has to do with the breeding and whelping of puppies, we will also cover all expenses related to her breeding and whelping.

the  Girl can live with the family all through her pregnancy and comes to Southernwnd to whelp and raise the puppies until weaned when then she goes back to her family. this can happen two or three times, but no more than three times which after her third litter she is turned completely legally and registered over to her foster Home to be spayed and life a lifelong happy life!

Arrangements, as to be interested in delivering puppies or raising puppies, can be set in prior agreements and under a Written Contract

*Our other alternative is a Foster Breeding Co-0wnership, were the female stays in the Foster Home, gets bred by one of our Southernwind Studs or a Stud of our Choice, the foster home, cares and whelps the first litter and from that litter, we keep the one puppy for Stud Service, One puppy for part payment on the female and then we subtract expenses such as veterinary, Vaccines, Health certificates, dewormings.

the balance is the Profit to be divided between both parties, Southernwind, and the Foster Home. Later litters are divided in half except for the one puppy to be considered the Stud Service.

To be able to qualify for this program we require a Veterinary recommendation and three other recommendations. If in any time of this Girl life the family feels that wants to purchase her outright, this would be open for discussion. Trust and honesty is a main situation in these agreements.

Here are some of the girls available at the moment for Foster Homes.

These girls can also be purchased into full ownership, call us for more details with Jenn Surowiecki at 586-933-7862 or Cecilia 787-509-8857

German Shepherd Puppy

Anya vd Southernwind

Anya is a beautiful Sable female dob March 25/ 2021
Anya is either for sale outright for $3,500.00 or as a foster breeding Program.
She has basic Obedience, an extremely sweet temperament and attitude, loves children and loves to play, no problem with other dogs, Anya is out of our great male Jet and our Polish Import Yamilla de Gran Peregrino. Both Parents OFA Hips and Elbows clear, DM clear


Stella, German Shepherd top quality
Stella, German Shepherd Puppy
Stella, our star
Stella, best German Shepherd

Chaos vd Southernwind
Chaos is a gorgeous black and red female DOB 10/22/21
Fabulous temperament, very social, no problem with kids, the exceptional family dog, great attitude,  crate trained. 


German Shepherd making a change
Best german Shepherds in USA
High Quality German Shepherds


Dushenka is one of our girls to be retired from the breeding program and we are looking for a good retirement home for her.
Dushenka loves people, but is a bit dominant with other females, she is crate trained is fine with kids. If you are looking for a great Companion for your family and Kids, definitely Duschenka is the girl, we call her Duschi. call us and we can offer more information!


Top Breeding German Shepherd dogs

ASTI  is also one of our girls to be retired from the breeding program and we are looking for a good retirement home for her.
Asti loves people, but is not a super social female who will stick at your side like velcro dogs, she is more independent, she is crate trained is fine with kids. If you are looking for a great Companion for your family and Kids, definitely Asti can fit in the checkmarks, she is sweet but not overwhelming, she respects space and is more detached than Dushenka, more independent, if interested please call us and we can offer more information!


Asti, Top German Shepherd


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