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Southernwind Specialists!

Southernwind is a Family Institution, My Son SFC Franco E Santana, who serves our Nation in the ARMY is the Backbone of our Belgian Malinois Breeding Program and I  carry on the tradition with our German Shepherds.

We are of the highest quality German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Service Dog breeder located in Florida. Our dogs are known for their pristine temperament and Service Capabilities. Our German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois puppies have amazing temperaments needed for service dog training and success.

Here is a Story of our First encounter of a beautiful highly emotional successful history!

Enjoy it!!

Our History in the Service dog Program dates back to 1974 when we acquired an English Chocolate lab and trained him to be my Companion and Support, not being highly knowledgeable in the matter we created an outstanding dog that could detect and mark situations.  Back in 1974 On a Summer afternoon, I get a call from a woman, a mother of two children with Autism, she had been referred to me by many people that know my life within the dog world and she begged for help, she had two kids who at 8 and 10 years of age would not talk a word and as with Autism conditions, there was a desperation in her plea, she wanted to buy a dog from me... I told her, all I have is my personal Lab, his name was Bruno, she told me all her story and how much it would mean for her to try to have a well-trained dog in her home sharing with her kids, I felt very compassionate about this situation and told her she could take Bruno with her and we could see how it worked for her kids, So I took Bruno to her home, met the kids and from there on the History was unbelievable!! Bruno Slept in the kid's room and every morning the kids would wake up and hug Bruno and go and have breakfast with Bruno always by their side, the highlighted miracle happened two weeks after Bruno was with the kids, the mother went to get them ready to dress them up and she heard the kids giggling and talking!!! They would talk to BRUNO!!! That morning she called me crying and in full ecstatic emotions, she could barely talk, she was crying and I couldn't understand her, all I understood was My kids are talking, my kids are talking!!  I was filled with such a gratifying emotion for her, I also started crying, the miracle had happened, Bruno was the healer and the Angel for these kids!


At Southernwind we are very proud of all of our dogs and puppies, but our hearts go to the ones that for many years have been trained as Service Dogs, and have been helping people in many different countries and throughout the United States by meeting each of their specific needs successfully.


Our breeding and training program has specialized not only in producing beauty but, also in dogs with very solid temperaments. Dogs that Serve for a purpose a Mission in life! we feel proud of the dogs we have developed not only in the breeding but in the training and structure implanted to become over Top Dogs that prove they can accomplish their mission with great success.

 They are great in protection work yet, are sensitive enough to be part of a family with children.

We have been able to achieve that by importing from Europe the best bloodlines and incorporating them to our own breeding program. It is for this reason that we have been able to produce dogs with those very special qualities that have proven to be highly effective in the Service Dog Program.  Even years ago, when the "Service DOGS" programs were not highly recognizable, we were already producing Puppies with such qualities required for clients with PTSD and other conditions; that trainers were reserving puppies from our Litters. This is because they had seen the incredible talent our young dogs possessed!

At the present, we are continuously facing a high demand for Service Dogs; for which, we are incorporating our most profound knowledge. We do this by selecting the best suitable combination of Breeding Plans, to create and develop puppies for this purpose!


We are very excited to be able to engage in this Magnificent Career and are proud that our breeding program has been so successful in servicing people with Specific needs. 


Our main priority in this type of Selection is for puppies with the below-listed traits:

Health (Genetic health -Hips-Elbows-Heart- for a  healthy lifelong relationship

Temperament  DOGS ready to perform and please)

Self Confidence Dogs that learn the process with ease and are in the positive and self-assured conditioning  to perform all tasks required)

Patience  Dogs that are not anxious, who have the virtue TO analyze and perform as expected.

Willingness to Please- One of the most important traits in a Service dog, is the Willingness and Desire to Please, they have to have enough drive to perform, but not too much that they lose focus on what is expected from them. They WILL be by your side and be there for you.


Basically, all of these traits are also required in any Dog that is going to be selected as a family and Companion Dog as well.

We would be pleased to assist you!

Feel free to call for more information we will be glad to explain to you everything about our Service Dog program.

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delivering..Loyalty, Comittment, Trust and

Unconditional Love!!

From our Southernwind Teams, this is from Jen Andrews who holds a non-profit organization named K9 HEROES, she is the President and Founder and her life is to be surrounded by dogs and bring support to Veterans, children and adults who need the special magic wand a Dog can make life shine!!


Saskia was a star today. 3rd-grade reading class. At the end of class, I make everyone lineup and they get a treat and a read out loud and they give Saska a treat after. Well, In the end, there Was a boy that has always sat away and he's very high on the spectrum. He keeps getting closer and closer to us and finally today he stood in line and read a few sentences to her AND he even took a treat gave it to her and pet her quickly. Now, this is a boy that has severe anxiety and some autism issues and has always sat in the corner with his head down when we are there. Something about Saskia made him want to participate. It was an incredible moment for me. We made a difference for a little boy just by being there.

Saskia is one of our Southernwind Girls!!



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