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Children are happy because they do not have a file in their minds called “ALL THE THINGS THAT COULD
I can sleep all night, im safe and w
special bond
who is the best?
I just cant stop loving you
Let me show you how much I love you!
take a bunch, one is not enought
i Love when he sleeps in my arms
A Merrier Xmas with my puppy next to
lets watch TV
puppies with a purpose
children are special Pets friends
beauty and love
photo 2
bring happiness and joy
bring joy to the family
The best of friends
Dogs and kids
Waiko baby
Southernwind  dogs as Service Dogs
waiko and family
Southernwind Service Dogs
beautiful Family Companions
Unconditional Love
Fullfilment in emotions
dogs with a purpose
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Animal companionship is an integral aspect of life in the United States, with approximately 70 million homes claiming at least one pet as a member of the household (A.C. Nielson, 2002) As well, animal companionship is important around the world! Humans have many reasons for owning pets. Brickel (1986) suggests that animals provide “one highly reliable association in a person's life … more consistent and reliable than human–human.” Pets are said to enter into a “relationship of mutualism” with their owners (Bradshaw, 1995). That is, pet owners believe they not only give but receive love and affection from their animals. Cusack (1988) contends that animals serve as confidantes with no risk of betrayal.

In addition to providing emotional benefits, pet ownership improves one's physical and mental health. Studies show that pet ownership reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps to prevent heart disease, helps to fight depression, and therefore lowers ones healthcare costs ( One possible explanation for these health benefits lies in the fact that pet owners, particularly dog owners, are more physically active than non-pet owners (Duncan, 1997). While the findings of such studies are interesting and add to the understanding of pet ownership, their focus is primarily on explaining the benefits to people of keeping pets. Many pet owners know that there is much more to the special pet–human relationship. The nature and meanings of such relationships have been studied qualitatively by researchers from various fields, but have not been quantitatively examined.

For more Scientific information regarding the benefits of Dogs in Peoples life please refer to this ARTICLE 

 At Southernwind.. Our Experience as breeders, for the last 4o plus years, we have been able to observe the miracle of Dogs in People's lives, we have experienced how a child with anxiety problems brings a dog to his lap and while petting him his anxiety diminishes profoundly in minutes! We have been blessed to be able to be participants in many situations where Dogs have been the healers, the power within them is extraordinary, they carry inexplicable powers that go far beyond any human reasoning.

I was born, raised, and grew up with Dogs in every aspect of my life. We shared our beds, rooms and trips with our dogs, mother passed away at the age of 47, due to a terrible cancer in her lungs, and underneath her bed  was always the presence of our mixed breed "PITA" (who definitely had a lot of German Shepherd in her, and was a rescue my brother brought home} She never left my mother's side not even after she was gone, Pita would just stay under her empty bed waiting for her to come back.

Our whole family for generations have been Dog-Animal  lovers and I can say I feel that I'm a lucky person to have been born in this Family. A family where love, feelings, emotions, and closeness has been a trademark.

I believe in the Miracle of Dogs, I have been a witness of uncounted events where I have seen transcending changes in people's personalities and emotions with just the touch or cuddle of a dog!

Perhaps this and many other experiences led me to do what I do and what I am now a days.

I could write for days long stories of my experiences with Dogs and Horses. Experiences that brought mindfulness and meaning to my life.  My Shepherds have a very special meaning, no matter how many I may have, each one is very special in different ways, each one with their own characteristics, temperaments and ways of doing things have been great masters of education in my life. I have learned to read Body language, I have learned to read eyes, motion, understand reactions and go beyond what their body and language want to express.

I'm a firm believer Dogs have a purpose in life, either as Protectors, Competitors, Companions, Healers, Antidepressant therapy, anxiety relievers. Basically you name it, they have a Purpose -a Mission in Life and we try our best to be as selective as possible. We create a Breeding program that can achieve many purposes and be successful in its performance. I have been there, so I can assure I do what is needed responsibly. I became a dog breeder and advocate years ago, and experience has shown me that taking the best possible characteristics is paramount to the success of our program. The characteristics include intelligence, thought process', reactions, combined with good steady nerves, we reinforce these traits through our Puppy Sensory program. Southernwind dogs carry within them all the tools to fulfill their new families needs without sacrificing beautiful structure and functionality! Maintaining the real Purpose for what the breed was created!!!


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