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 Our dogs are available to outside bitches on a very limited basis. Our main policy Before accepting any outside bitch for breeding, we consider the quality of the bitch herself, her pedigree, clearance's, Temperament, her owner’s ability to raise the puppies correctly and place them in appropriate homes, whether this breeding will be a benefit for the breed, will this breeding produce puppies with a real purpose that will be suitable in life and several other factors that go into making our decision. The majority of inquiries are referred to other stud dog owners.

Considering that our dogs are used so selectively, we are proud of their records as sires and proud of the quality puppies they have produced in such limited numbers. Of our dogs old enough to have a representative number of their get of show age,all of our Studs have had Hips and Elbows clearancess, DM Testings and Show ratings.  Each of our studs has been carefully evaluated , this evaluation i used accordingly in our breeding program to help us determine which combination of females to use with them, it is of upmost importance for us to be able to predetermine in advance the qualities and characteristics we are trying to achieve with each combination- breeding.

We strive for  Accuracy and possible Perfection in the combination, this helps us decides the correct combinations for prospective owners and the new family member. New owners lifestyle and personalities are very important for us, this is the only way we can match puppies and families for a lifelong fulfilled relation!

Enjoy our Puppies and make sure the combination was made in heaven!

V Waiko vd Zenteiche BH, AD, IPO, KKL1A, CGC TT.


Waikos Sire, the Great Producer

VA Omen Vom Radhaus IPO 3 KKLIA


VA Omen
VA Omen
VA Omen


Barry di Casa Massarelli IPO1


"THE VA GROOVY Di Casa Masarelli SON!!!

On his male Bloodlines carries

        ↳4 - 4,4        ↳VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg SCHH3, FH

            ↳5 - 5,5            ↳V27 Uran vom Moorbeck SCHH3

            ↳5 - 5,5            ↳V Elsa vom Kuckucksland SCHH2

        ↳4 - 4        ↳VA6(I) Fenia degli Achei SCHH2, IPO2

            ↳5 - 5            ↳V Baru von Haus Yü SCHH3

            ↳5 - 5            ↳Arlet (1998)

Video's Link to his Sire  VA GROOVY DI CASA MASARELLI

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