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 Knowledge of any purebred dog, ring champion, or pet, begins with its standard, a written description of the ideal specimen of a breed. Standards describe perfectly the type, structure, gait, and temperament of the breed — the characteristics that allow the breed to perform the function for which it was bred.

Rarely does a dog measure up to every specification of its breed standard. Indeed, the standard is a conceptualization—much like the Platonic forms—that guides the imaginations of those seriously interested in the breeding, exhibition, and performance of purebred dogs.

German Shepherd Brief historical overview:
According to the official documentation of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. (Society for the German Shepherd Dog, “SV” for short) – legal domicile in Augsburg, Germany, member of the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH, German Kennel Club) – the "SV" as the founding club of the breed is responsible for the breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog. Established in the first General Meeting at Frankfurt/Main on 20 September 1899according to suggestions by A. Meyer and Max von Stephanitz and in addition to the amendments of the 6th General Meeting on 28 July 1901, the 23rd General Meeting at Cologne/Rhineland on 17  September 1909, the Executive Board & Advisory Board Meeting at
Wiesbaden on 5 September 1930 and the Breeding Committee & Executive Board Meeting on 25 March 1961, revisions were resolved within the framework of the World Union of German Shepherd Do Clubs (WUSV) Meeting on 30 August 1976.
Revisions and cataloged measures were resolved with the Enabling Resolution through the Executive Board and Advisory Board from 23/24 March 1991, amended through the Federal Conventions from 25 May 1997 and 31 May/1 June 2008.
St-FCI n°166/23.12.2010 3   The German Shepherd Dog, whose methodical breeding was started in 1899 after the foundation of the society, had been bred from the central German and southern German breeds of the herding dogs
existing at that time with the ultimate objective of creating a working dog inclined to high achievements. In order to achieve this objective, the breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog was determined, which relates to the physical constitution as well as the traits and characteristics


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Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V.


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