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german shepherd puppies

At Southernwind Kennels, we firmly believe in upholding the standards set forth by the SV. With our background as retired AKC and FCI Temperament Test Judges, we understand the paramount importance of German Shepherd Dogs embodying a clear sense of purpose and excelling in various tasks to their fullest potential. Our breeding program is dedicated to maintaining this standard, meticulously avoiding the introduction of any disqualifying traits into our bloodlines whenever possible.

While acknowledging that not all of our German Shepherd Puppies and dogs may perfectly meet physical standards, we prioritize the combination of exceptional temperament, strong nerves, self-assurance, thorough socialization, and the ability to form deep bonds with their owners. With almost five decades of breeding experience, Southernwind Kennels consistently emphasizes the significance of temperament and health, while remaining steadfastly committed to SV standards.

Understanding that not everyone seeks dogs for show or breeding purposes, our primary focus is on providing families with companions possessing outstanding temperament, mental stability, good health, steady nerves, suitability as family pets, reliable companionship, and a strong work ethic. These qualities are the cornerstone of what our Southernwind families seek in their canine companions.

While we place great importance on these traits, we also understand the value of subjecting our dogs to evaluation by judges and adhering to German Standards show statutes. Through this dedication, we proudly showcase images of our young puppies and young adults who meet the stringent requirements of the German Standards. We invite you to meet our exceptional VD Southernwind Beauties!

Sieger Sv German Shows Southernwind Dogs
Sieger Shows winner
Sieger Sv German Shows Southernwind Dogs
Southernwind Winners at Sieger Shows
V Waiko Von Zenteiche IPO2 KKLIA
German Shepherd Puppy Winner at AKC Southernwind Kennels
SG1 and SG 2 from Southernwind Kennels
SG  Duschenka von Amarena Southernwind Dogs
V Waiko Vom Zenteiche  Southernwind Kennels
Southernwind Kennels and Silke Ludwig Vom Deer Zenteich
Waiko Vom Zenteiche
V Waiko VD Zenteiche
German Shepherds conformation
VA Willy Von Kuckusckland dauther
Top German Shepherds in Florida
Black German Shepherd
Southernwind Kennels Winners at Sieger Show
German Shepherds from Southernwind
Southernwind Kennels, Winners at Sieger Shows
Southernwind German Shepherds Winners at Sieger shows


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