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"At Southernwind Kennels, we firmly believe that the SV standard was crafted with a distinct purpose. Drawing from our experience as retired AKC and FCI Temperament Test Judges, we emphasize that dogs should possess a clear sense of purpose and excel in performing various tasks to the best of their abilities. We are dedicated to breeding dogs that adhere to the standard, taking disqualifications seriously and avoiding their introduction into bloodlines whenever possible.

Nonetheless, we recognize that dogs may not always perfectly conform to physical standards. In such cases, we prioritize outstanding temperament, strong nerves, self-confidence, ample socialization, and the ability to form a unique bond with their owners. Southernwind Kennels boasts a nearly half-century history of breeding, consistently placing a high priority on temperament and health while adhering to SV standards.

We understand that not everyone seeks dogs for show or breeding purposes. Our focus revolves around providing families with dogs possessing exceptional temperament, mental stability, good health, steady nerves, suitability as family pets, reliable companions, and diligent workers. These are the primary characteristics that our Southernwind families seek.

While we prioritize these traits, we also appreciate the importance of subjecting our dogs to evaluation by judges and adherence to German Standards show statues. On this page, we proudly share images of our young puppies and young adults who meet the requirements of the German Standards. Enjoy meeting our remarkable VD Southernwind Beauties!"

Sieger Sv German Shows Southernwind Dogs
Sieger Shows winner
Sieger Sv German Shows Southernwind Dogs
Southernwind Winners at Sieger Shows
V Waiko Von Zenteiche IPO2 KKLIA
German Shepherd Puppy Winner at AKC Southernwind Kennels
SG1 and SG 2 from Southernwind Kennels
SG  Duschenka von Amarena Southernwind Dogs
V Waiko Vom Zenteiche  Southernwind Kennels
Southernwind Kennels and Silke Ludwig Vom Deer Zenteich
Waiko Vom Zenteiche
V Waiko VD Zenteiche
Southernwind Kennels Winners at Sieger Show
Southernwind Kennels, Winners at Sieger Shows
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