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Southernwind's History and Policies
Dog Breeding

Back in the 70”s we started showing and Training dogs professionally, as a result, I became an FCI All Breed Judge and TT (Temperament Test) Judge with Breed Specialist in German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador Retrievers this is how we came into contact with some of the greatest German Shepherd breeders of the time, this experience propelled our breeding program to the level it is today, Top Breed Standards.
THE GREATNESS OF THE GERMAN SHEPHERD is not just its beauty, but the fact that they can excel in Obedience, Agility, Protection Work, Service, and Emotional Support; as well as, in Sports like Schutzhund (now IGP). At the same time, they can be the most Special Companion any family would cherish for a lifetime! .. What's not to love? 
That is why we made the decision that would transform not only our lives but the lives of the families who provide forever homes to our puppies. We decided to create a breeding program that would focus on dogs that could achieve successfully a variety of tasks. Our dogs have outstanding characteristics, Not only their bloodlines are based on World known VA Selected dogs in the World's most important German Shepherd Competitions  (Sieger Shows) but also possess outstanding health, beauty,  and temperament..! We have also incorporated into our program: The Development of SERVICE DOGS, in which our dogs have proven to be highly successful..! 
Every puppy that leaves our premises has been subjected to our specially designed puppy desensitizing routine which was uniquely created by Southernwind. Based on our experience, in my many years of training horses for the Mounted Police,(Training and Advisor  Director for the PR Mounted Police)  we used Ultra Tactical Special Sensory Work on them; and now we utilize it in our breeding practices for German Shepherds today. This yields the finest results; hence, our *****5 stars Google and Social Media ratings!!
Southernwind Dogs are highly recognized for their Inherited Intelligence, Temperament, and Self-confidence. This is because of our breeding practices, and our attention to detail that most breeders don't know about.
We selectively breed for Dogs that can excel in lots of great Performances, Dogs with great assertiveness who are outstanding as prospects for Personal Protection, Police Work, Sport (IPO-Ring Sport) Service Dogs, and of course, a great family dog companion. Our history for these specialized subjects has been recognized over the years, with many repeat customers and programs that desire our dogs, for Therapy and service animals. We are truly humbled by all the feedback and will continue to provide dependable breeding. 
Every time I receive a picture, a message, or a  letter from one of our Southernwind family members, it has motivated me, even more, to continually fulfill our promises and continue growing as a breeder. 
We are a family and we have a complete network of professionals who help with all sorts of situations or questions that might arise during the lifetime of the Southernwind Dog.
We also offer Puppy Starting Packages Programs which include basic motivational obedience and training and also training for Older dogs in Obedience and Protection Work. You may call us and make arrangements to meet with our team of support Trainers. For Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Sensory training Packs, Basic Obedience, Advisory,
please call  SPC Franco Santana  760-577-1688 / Skyler Sowiecki 586- 556-5822
Mounted Police Trainer in PR
Mounted Police work in PR
Cecilia Trainer and advisor for the Mounted Police over 22 years
German Shepherd Breeder offering a Breedng Seminar
Cecilia martinez, Southernwind Kennels offering a Semonar
Southernwind Kennel Breeder Cecilia Martinez, offering a Breeding Seminar

German Shepherd Educational Seminar offered by Judge

M Cecilia Martinez, /Southerwind Kennels

Dog Breeding

What some of our customers say, you may check our REVIEWS:

WW.B I cannot say enough about Southernwind kennels. When we decided to get a GSD puppy, I researched many breeders. I was so impressed with all the positive reviews and how informative the website was for Southernwind. I am so thankful we decided to work with Cecilia. No matter how many questions I asked, everyone was so helpful. I was sent updates along the way and lots of information and helpful videos. The day of pick up was a tropical storm, Eta. Cecilia worked with us to ensure we could get there and pick it up. We are so happy that we now have a beautiful, loving, little girl. I highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy, contact Southernwind Kennels. You will not be disappointed!

TM Cecilia is a superb breeder that serves as a true partner and resource to her puppy owners. I could not be more pleased with the temperament, health, and quality of the puppy (Rio) we purchased from her last March. He's phenomenal with our young children, wonderful in the house, and a loyal companion. He's also a beautiful dog. Cecilia is always responsive to questions and her blog with training tips and insights is immensely helpful. She is truly dedicated to the happiness and success of her puppy families.

MDV We had an excellent experience with Southernwind Kennel. Cecilia was always extremely responsive and fantastic to work with. Her years of experience with dogs were key and she selected the puppy who was the perfect fit for our family. The socialization and sensory exposure that these puppies receive has made it a breeze to incorporate little "Max" into our family and daily lives. I've had several large breed dogs since puppy age and this is the first one who has slept through the night in his kennel without fussing from day 1. These puppies are obviously well initiated and loved from the moment they are born, making them ready to transition to their new life at home immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Southernwind to any of my family or friends. Thank you so much, Cecilia and everyone at Southernwind for our little Max, we couldn't be happier!

Please feel free to visit our Puppy page for information on available puppies and future litters. There you will also find important information regarding the raising and care of a SOUTHERWIND puppy. On this page you can also find out about our different cost Alternatives for our puppies. *WE RECOMMEND DEPOSITS TO RESERVE PUPPIES.  Please read our disclosure on DEPOSITS

 Also, visit our

Check out Reviews on Testimonials Page under the Southernwind Family Tab




Brooksville, Florida

CECILIA MARTINEZ 787-509-8857/  352-667-3844- 

JENNIFER SOWIECKI 586-933-7862 Assistant

Belgian Malinois In Georgia

FRANCO SANTANA, 760-577-1688


A Deposit is required to reserve a puppy, you can place a deposit on this site, it's of utmost importance to DISCLOSE that Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. ( This applies to all of our Breeds, The Belgian Malinois in Georgia and Florida- Franco E Santana in Georgia and the German Shepherds all bred or sold by Southernwind Kennels and or its representatives. We understand situations in life can arise and you may find yourselves in positions not expected and have to take the decision not to take the puppy on which you have placed our deposit, we wouldn't like to either be part of placing our puppy in an uncomfortable position were our puppy would not be happy, for which we would take this in consideration and even tho the Normal Deposit reservation Policy is usually non-refundable under no circumstances, we do agree to transfer this deposit to future litters were the client will be advised on the litters to come where he can choose his replacement in the next year.


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