Southernwind has been internationally recognized for its quality and professionalism in our Breeding Programs. Our main objective is to maintain the principles of the Standards upon each breed were created. For many years now Southernwind has established a very well recognized quality Control Breeding and importing program, our "selective breeding Program" is the one and only with the capacity to produce dogs that have an incredible eye catching beauty and outstanding temperament to be able to serve the most demanding "critique".


Southernwind has been established for over 40 years now and takes accounts for the improvement of the breed ! The foundation on these dogs has been carefully planned ,Southernwind breeding program was based upon strong building blocks with well established pedigrees!


Our Belgian Malinois Breeding Program is  actually established in  Columbus Georgia!  Under the name of DSWK, Southernwind was the  Pioneer in Importing Belgian Malinois into the beautiful Island of PR. Back in the 70's when nobody had an idea of what a Malinois was like, Southernwind Imported the First Belgian Malinois into the Island.

Our First Malinois were imported from Crocs Blanc Kennels from Mrs. Daniele Daugherty and after That we imported Dogs from the NVBK in Belgium. were my son Franco E Santana became a decoy with the guidance and advice of Mr Germaine Powels President of the NVBK.

After the 80's Malinois started emerging all over PR and the USA and nowadays its a widely known breed and highly acclaimed for its incredible working attributes and commitment to please and deliver whole heartily to perform as the Best of Working Breeds. 

Our dogs are seen all over the nation and have proven to have unequaled balance in Temperament, Intelligence, Drives, and Nerves


 You may call us and make arrangements to meet with our team of support Trainers! Visit our Web Page or feel free to call us! In Georgia 760-577-1688 in Florida 787-509-8857


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A Deposit is required to reserve a puppy, you can place a deposit in this site, its upmost important to DISCLOSE that Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. ( This applies to all of our Breeds, The Belgian Malinois in Georgia and Florida- Franco E Santana in Georgia and the German Shepherds all bred or sold by Southernwind Kennels and or its representatives. We understand situations in life can arise and you may find yourselves in positions  not expected and  have to take the decision not to take the puppy on which you have placed our deposit , we wouldn't like to either be part of placing our puppy in an uncomfortable position were our puppy would not be happy, for which we would take this in consideration and even tho the Normal Deposit reservation Policy is usually non refundable under no circumstances, we do agree to transfer this deposit to future litters were the client  will be adviced on the litters to come were he can choose his replacement in the next year.