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Amazing stories from our Southernwind Families

My name is Anna , There is no words can express my appreciation to Southernwind kennel , I am 48 years old , never had any experience to take care a small GSD puppy , Cecilia Southernwind kennel owner who are patiently Teach me from the beginning how to take care a puppy gsd, she is not just sell a puppy to me , she help me and trained me every detail how to take good care of my puppy, from how to feed puppy , walk puppy , and cautions precautions about new puppy . Now my gsd puppy is three months old , he is very healthy and active , Southernwind kennel have most beautiful and good gsd blood line dogs , I am thrilled about their services . I also felt so lucky to meet Cecilia to be able learn and improved my skill to raise a healthy GSD ! Thank you for being so patient with me and my millions questions be answered and problems be solved . God bless Southernwind kennel and accrual and her family’s Thank you ! Anna

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