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Dog to Dog reactivity

two southernwind Puppies
Pupies raised together creating the starting point for correct behaviour, they need socialization and exposure

Dog-to-dog reactivity is a complex and multifaceted issue that every dog owner might encounter. As someone deeply involved with canines, I've seen firsthand the challenges that reactivity training presents. The crux of the problem lies in the unpredictability of external environments. It's crucial for dog guardians to understand that despite their best efforts, they cannot fully control every interaction their dog may have.

This realization is important so owners do not feel defeated when, inevitably, an off-leash dog approaches theirs and chaos ensues, or when an unattended dog suddenly appears, leading to unwanted confrontations.

It's disheartening to witness the judgment and criticism from others in such moments, yet it's a reality many face.

Let me emphasize some points about responsible dog ownership and public interactions:

It is absolutely irresponsible to allow your dog to approach another dog without the other guardian's consent.

A German Shepherd Owner with two dogs
Dogs need to learn as well as owners that we have to create a boundary and we need to be resposible about our dogs reactions

Dogs, like people, have boundaries that need to be respected. If your dog approaches another and causes a negative reaction, the responsibility falls on you, especially if the other dog is leashed.

Dogs naturally react to protect themselves, and such reactions are to be expected.

Allowing a dog known for running up to others to be off-leash in public spaces is careless and shows a lack of consideration for community safety.

Following and harassing someone after your dog has caused a disturbance is unacceptable and exacerbates an already tense situation.

Ensuring your dog has a reliable recall in various environments is crucial before considering off-leash time in public areas.

Moreover, the expectation for dogs to remain passive when faced with threatening situations is unreasonable and ethically questionable.

Just as humans have a right to defend themselves, dogs should not be expected to suppress their instinctual responses for self-protection.

To prevent your dog from becoming reactive, consider the following strategies:

a German Shepherd with owner
Raising dogs in isolation away from different enviroments and not getting them used to socialize and know different inputs will create a Problem dog


Early and consistent socialization helps dogs learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs and humans.

Expose them to different environments, animals, and people in a controlled and positive manner.


Regular, consistent training strengthens your dog's obedience skills, including commands like "leave it," "come," and "stay," which can prevent or manage reactivity.


Gradually exposing your dog to their triggers in a controlled setting can help reduce their reactivity over time. Pairing the presence of other dogs with positive experiences can also change their associations.

a german shepherd dog from Southernwind Kennels
Dogs need to create true bond and engagement with handlers and handlres have to be aware of the control they have created on their dogs

Professional Help:

Consider working with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist who has experience with reactivity. They can offer personalized strategies and support.]

Exercise and Mental Stimulation:

Adequately exercised dogs are generally less stressed and more mentally stable. Incorporate physical activity and brain games into their daily routine.

Avoidance and Management:

Sometimes, the best strategy is to avoid known triggers when possible and manage environments to prevent reactive situations.

Remember, managing dog reactivity is a journey, and patience, understanding, and consistent effort are key to fostering a harmonious relationship between dogs and the community.

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