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Get Your Home Ready for a German Shepherd Puppy

Hey Southernwind puppy fans! Are you bringing home a German Shepherd puppy? These little furballs are bundles of energy and curiosity. They'll find every little thing to chew in your home. So, let's get your space ready for this whirlwind of fun!

It's crucial to puppy-proof your home before your new furry family member arrives. This way, you can spend more time enjoying their company and less time worrying about your belongings.

Here are your must-do 12 steps to make your home a safe haven for your German Shepherd pup:

 A family scene where two parents are teaching their two children about German Shepherd dog
Family Learning and gathering information about German Shepherds

1. Family Meeting Time: Before the puppy arrives, sit down with your family. Decide who does what in taking care of the puppy. Who's in charge of cleaning up? Where will the pup sleep? What about potty training, feeding times, and training goals? Also, discuss where the puppy is allowed and how to keep your belongings safe from those tiny teeth.

Southerwind German Shepherd staying and lying down next to owner
Clear the areas were you will keep your German Shepherd puppy

2. Clear the Decks: Pick up everything that's lying around – shoes, socks, books, toys, electronics, and anything with batteries. Valuables, decor, and cleaning supplies should be out of reach. Make a plan for where to keep purses, backpacks, and shoes safe.

3. Food and Medication Safety: Puppies can be surprisingly sneaky! Keep all food, medications, and vitamins away from their reach. Especially watch out for Xylitol in sugar-free products and other toxic foods like dark chocolate.

4. Trash Can Tactics: Invest in secure, lidded trash cans for each room. Teach your puppy to steer clear of them.

5. Plant Patrol: Remove any poisonous houseplants, both indoors and outdoors. There's a long list of plants harmful to dogs, so do your research!

 A cute German Shepherd puppy, looking playful and mischievous, is holding a harmless, unplugged electric cord in its mouth
German Shepherd Puppy with electric cord in his mouth

6. Cord Control: Hide or cover electrical cords to prevent chewing. Be extra careful with electronics and their charging stations.

7. Curtain Caution:Secure curtains and blinds, and make sure their cords are out of reach to avoid any tangling dangers.

A playful German Shepherd puppy, looking adorable and a bit mischievous, is tangled up in curtains and blinds..
Puppy in between curtains

8. Cabinet Lockdown: Smart pups like German Shepherds can open cabinets. Child-proof locks are a great investment.

A curious German Shepherd puppy is depicted opening a cabinet in a kitchen setting.
Puppy checking into cabinets

9. Door and Window Watch: Ensure all screens, doors, and gates are secure so your curious puppy doesn't go exploring on their own.

A German Shepherd puppy is joyfully playing inside a playpen. The playpen is spacious and filled with a variety of colorful toys like balls, chew toys
Puppy with toys inside his Play Pen

10. Exercise Pen: For those times when you can't supervise your pup directly, an exercise pen is a lifesaver. It's a safe space for them to play and relax.

11. Crate Training: While it's a debated topic, crate training can be very beneficial. It gives your puppy a safe space and aids in potty training. It's also useful for travel and emergencies.

12. Shopping List: Before your puppy comes home, stock up on essentials like cleaners, grooming supplies, puppy food, dishes, leashes, collars, ID tags, a crate, an exercise pen, toys, and treats.

Follow these steps to create a safe and welcoming environment for your new German Shepherd puppy. This preparation lets you focus on the fun and bonding part of being a puppy parent. Share these tips with your friends who are eagerly waiting for their own Southernwind puppies!"



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