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How can Dogs sense Earthquakes and other Natural disasters before Humans can?

Since I was a little child, my mother used to tell me that Dogs had very strong Powers and that nothing bad will ever happen to me while sleeping, if I had my dog sleeping with me in my room, she used to say they had these kind of magic that prevent things from happenning, now as an adult I look back and I understand she was trying for me to learn to sleep by myself and not be sccared of the monsters under my bed..LOL! it did Work, I learned to sleep by myself, I trusted darkness and there were no more monsters under my bed !

Then I realizad they really had a magic sense, but it was different, they can feel energy, and much more!

dog and family in a earthquaque
Dog guiding through earthquaque

Dogs' ability to sense earthquakes and other natural disasters before humans can is still not fully understood, but there are several theories and factors that may contribute to this phenomenon:

1. Heightened Sensory Perception: Dogs have an incredibly acute sense of hearing and a highly developed sense of smell. They can detect subtle vibrations, sounds, and changes in the environment that may occur before a seismic event or natural disaster.

2. Sensitive Paw Pads: Some researchers believe that dogs may be able to feel vibrations and changes in the Earth's crust through their sensitive paw pads. This theory suggests that dogs can pick up on ground movements that precede an earthquake.

Dog in a Storm
Dog sensing a Storm

3. Changes in Atmospheric Pressure: Dogs are also sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. Before some natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, there can be a drop in atmospheric pressure, which dogs may be able to detect.

4. Altered Behavior: Dogs are highly attuned to their environment and can pick up on subtle changes in the behavior of animals and humans around them. Before a natural disaster, people and animals may exhibit signs of restlessness, anxiety, or agitation, which dogs can sense.

Dog alerting Electromagnetic Field Changes
Dog in Electromagnetic Field Changes w family

5. Electromagnetic Field Changes: Some scientists propose that changes in the Earth's electromagnetic field before seismic activity may be detectable by dogs. This theory is still being researched.

6. Instinctual Responses: Dogs have natural instincts and survival skills that may come into play when they sense impending danger. They may become more alert, anxious, or seek shelter before a disaster strikes.

7. Observational Learning: Dogs are excellent observers and may learn to associate certain environmental cues with impending natural disasters over time. For example, they might notice patterns of behavior in their human family members or changes in the environment.

It's important to note that while there is anecdotal evidence and some scientific support for these theories, the ability of dogs to predict natural disasters is not consistent, and not all dogs will exhibit this behavior.

Additionally, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to definitively prove that dogs can predict earthquakes or other natural disasters with certainty. Eventho we have seen it happen!

As a result, relying solely on a dog's behavior to predict natural disasters is not a reliable method. It's crucial to use established scientific and technological tools, such as seismometers and weather monitoring systems, to monitor and predict these events accurately... but dont stop reading your Dogs body languaje, there may be many unexpected surprises in their unique Languaje!!



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