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How to Save Money When You Live in 2 Homes (and Have Pets!)

Contributor editor-Jessica Brody

If you’re one of the millions of people that make Florida home only part of the year, you already

know that there are challenges associated with bouncing back and forth between homes. When

you add a furry companion to the mix, there are even more hurdles, especially where your

finances are concerned. Today’s tips can help you save no matter which place you hang your

hat at the moment.


Whether you have a new puppy or a mature dog, they need the right supplies at both homes. To

avoid accidentally forgetting something important as you move back and forth, make sure that

they have the essentials at each location. This should include food and water bowls, chew toys,

a leash and collar, and a crate. Having the essentials at both locations will keep you from

scrambling to the pet store at the last minute for stuff you already own. A quick word of advice

here: before you invest, read reviews. It doesn’t matter if you’re only buying a simple harness,

look for feedback from animal experts and veterinarians so that you don’t inadvertently make a

purchasing decision that might hurt your pet.

Home Protection

While you may feel completely safe whenever your German Shepherd is by your side, the home

you leave behind may not be quite as covered. When you’re out of state, make sure that you

have insurance for FL home that stays in effect year-round. Your home insurance is one of the

best ways to help recoup financial losses in case of damage – there are more weather-related

storm claims in Florida than in other states. Before you shop around for home insurance, make

sure that you confirm your provider’s reputation and that you know what’s included and how

much it will cost you. A few other ways to keep your property safe when you’re away are to

store loose items, such as patio furniture and grills, and to have a hardwired security system


Other Insurance

Your home insurance is not the only kind of insurance that can help you save as you move

between states. If you drive, invest in vehicle insurance in the state with lower rates. Your

health and even pet health insurance may also be cheaper if you register in one state versus

another. If you don’t already have pet health insurance, the American Veterinary Medical

Association explains that this type of financial policy can offset issues of treatments for

accidents, injuries, or disease.


Even though your canine companion will probably be your best source of entertainment and

activity, there are still rainy days to consider. One of the best ways to save money is to utilize

streaming services instead of cable television. Not only is this less expensive, but you can also access your movies and TV shows no matter where you are. USA Today reports that, despite recent price hikes, Netflix and other streaming services are still more affordable than a traditional cable package. You should also make a point to utilize free outdoor spaces, such as the many dog parks throughout the entire state.

Other Ways To Save

● If you make your own dog food, keep some in the freezer at both homes.

● Walk when you can. Not only does your pet need the exercise, but you’ll also save money by

walking to run errands instead of driving everywhere, no matter which homes you are in.

● Eat in season. Seasonal food is healthier and costs less, and buying at local farmers'

markets can help you save, especially if you’re making your dog’s own food with fresh

vegetables and meat.

There’s no way that snowbirds can get around spending money on both houses. However, the

few tips above, from paying attention to state-specific insurance rates, reading reviews from

veterinarians, and using free entertainment options, can help you keep some money in your

pocket so that you don’t have to drain your retirement account to enjoy your best years.

If you’re looking for your next best friend, visit Southernwind today and see for yourself the

unrivaled beauty, loyalty, and companionship that a German Shepherd can provide.



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