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Ways to Build a Stronger Bond with Your Dog

Throughout many years, lots of puppy buyers come to us with the uncertainty of being able to choose the right puppy to bond with them, many have the belief that when they come to see the puppies the first puppy that runs to them has magically chosen them, but I have to be real with this, ..This does not work like that!

Many people come worried because it is "MY FIRST DOG" and I want everything to be perfect! Sure, Definitely.. we all want it to be perfect in every sense! And this is why we have been so cautious with our Breeding Program, we have been very specific in details like Temperament, Health, Self-confidence, High Social Instincts, steady nerves, dogs that bounce back from reactions and situations in a positive manner. We breed with a PURPOSE and a COMMITMENT to do our Best on our Breeding Program! We have been giving the extra mile to be able to be certain that our breeding program has no flaws, as many know I'm an FCI and AKC Judge and love Correct Structure, correct Conformation Standards, I DEFINITELY LOVE BEAUTIFUL STRUCTURED DOGS, YESS THIS IS IMPRINTED IN MY MIND, but I have to understand as well that BEAUTY and Structure are not the priorities when choosing individuals for families, for Companions, for Special Services, for Protection or for Sports, there are other qualities we have to place upfront and prioritize to be able to deliver the correct puppy to the new family!

I have explained for many years that that one puppy that runs to you, is not necessarily the puppy that matches your life style, that puppy may have run up to you because he was curios or because he wanted to meet, but the reality is, if you come 5 days in a row, different puppies are going to come to you and you may even find yourself with the whole litter coming up to greet you! There is much more to this than a simple greeting response. I know how much we love the "Magic" "Mystical" stories, they fill our heart with that uplifting Mystery that makes it "incredible" how the puppy chose us.

Do Dogs Bond With Humans?

Ever since dogs were domesticated about 15,000 years ago, our bond with them has been unbreakable. When your dog greets you at the door with a wagging tail or curls up next to you because he senses you’re having a bad day, he is demonstrating that bond.

This bond is just as obvious when it’s been broken. “We see evidence in problems like separation anxiety, a dog’s dejection when being left with strangers, or relinquished to a shelter, and the sometimes overwhelming response some dogs show when they hear their owners’ voices after an absence,”

These strong bonds don’t develop without effort on your part, however. “We do see stronger relationships between dogs and their pet parents when they are doing things together such as taking walks and doing training,”

Dogs need to be respected as individuals. Bonding with a dog is like fostering a friendship with another person, “It can’t be forced, but it can be encouraged in many of the same ways. Look for common interests and preferred activities, share quiet moments, engage in mutually acceptable affection, play interactive games, always be nice.”

Look at things through your dog’s eyes. “People tend to interact with every dog in the same way: they move toward them, lean over, look them in the eye, and thump them on the head. The truth is that many dogs are intimidated by the eye contact and head-thumping, and would prefer getting treats, walking together, and getting soft neck rubs,

Get to know your dog’s body language. Try to understand what your dog wants to express before he expresses it, The better you can read your dog and what he is trying to communicate to you, the better you can support your dog through situations and throughout life, thus improving your dog’s trust in you.

With this Being said we come to the "Bonding" Reality, Something every owner desires with the greatest fulfillment, and this is the Best Real Possibility if you do everything correctly to Make it Happen !!

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, or whether you have been together for a day or for ten years, there are always some special things you can do to enrich the close relationship between the two of you. Here are many ways that you can build an even stronger bond with your dog.

Quality is more important than quantity. Training sessions don’t have to be drawn out to be effective. “I like to train for very short periods several times a day. For instance, I take out five treat rewards and train until they’re gone. This is a great way to break up your at-home workday, as this is easily attainable between work tasks like reading emails, finished projects, and online meetings,”

Consider your dog’s temperament. Dogs with fear or anxiety issues don’t trust as easily, says Fiendish. “For these dogs, it’s best to move at a slower, more hands-off pace. Instead of forcing interactions like petting or snuggling, allow the dog to approach you at his own pace. Once your dog is near you, allow him to make the decision to stay or go.”

Think ahead (because your current schedule likely isn’t permanent). While many dogs will readjust to your old schedule with few issues, “There is a risk of some dogs developing behavior problems going from additional attention and time together to less,

Teach Some Tricks

Training and Structure are great ways to build a stronger bond with your dog. You can be training a basic behavior or something more complex, but training helps to give your dog’s brain a workout. As he masters those training tricks and you reward him with love, praise, and a few well-earned Treats, you are also establishing a deeper connection between the two of you.

Get Some Exercise Together

Not only is exercise good for both you and your dog’s wellbeing, it can also help the two of you grow closer. Going for a walk or a run is a great way to create a fun routine that can give your dog a chance to check out new sights and smells, all while at each other’s side.

Create a Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit, so creating routines for several different behaviors can help you play a role in their regular habits. Setting and maintaining regular feeding times, bathroom breaks, and other routines can make your dog feel comfortable with you and their environment which builds trust. Dogs want to know what is expected of them and deliver that consistently to make you proud.

Engage in Play Time

There are times your dog may like to play by himself, but he also loves to engage in play with you. By being an active participant in playtime, your dog can feed off your excitement and strengthen his bond with you. Regular, active play can also help cut down on problem behaviors according to a study released by Bristol University.

Bond Through Brushing

A quick grooming session can not only maintain your dog’s coat, it can also help the two of you grow closer. Your dog may be hesitant at first, but through gentle encouragement and affection, your dog can grow to love the attention and the experience.

Hand Feed Your Dog from Time to Time

Hand-feeding your dog with treats a few times a week while using your food as a reward for the Obedience routine is another way to build a special bond with your pooch. Since your dog needs to be careful eating out of your hand, it forces him to focus on you and your commands. By rewarding good behavior with treats, your dog can gain trust and learn that you are his provider.

Pet with Purpose

When you pet your dog, it’s important that he knows that he has your full attention. A few absentminded head rubs are nice, but they’re not going to mean nearly as much as when you’re really invested in petting your pooch. Take some time, make the extra effort, and focus all your attention on your dog when you pet him. See what he enjoys the most. Is it rubbing his ears? A scratch under the chin? Or simply a good ol’ belly rub? Let him know how much of a good boy he is because he’s most definitely a good boy. But create a habit of also having him earn that petting, that rubbing, that way he also understands he needs to win this as a reward for some type of exercise he has achieved correctly.

Create Some Cuddle Time

It’s healthy to be active with your dog, but it’s also nice to slow down and spend some time relaxing together. Chilling on the couch, sitting on the bed, or meeting your best friend on the floor for some cuddle time is a nice, relaxing way to bond with your dog, as the physical contact can create a sense of safety and comfort that lets your dog know that he’s a true part of your pack.

Be Consistent with Communication

Consistent, positive communication is an important part of strengthening your bond. Whether you’re training your dog or going through his daily routine, make sure that you’re being consistent with both the words you use and nonverbal signals. By clearing up misunderstandings and encouraging good behaviors, you can build up trust with your dog.

Give Them Space from Time to Time

Sometimes the way to build a stronger bond with your dog is to give him a place where he can be alone. Dogs are den animals. Make a space, such as a crate or a dog bed in another room, where your dog can retreat to in case he needs to get away for a while in case he feels overwhelmed, wants to stay away from loud houseguests, or is in the mood for a quiet nap. They do NEED to learn to have their Space and to that is space is to be respected, when we do not allow a Puppy to be by himself, he becomes co-dependent and then we create the undesired traits of Separation anxieties which are so difficult to modify.

Taking the time to be mindful of all the things that can bring you and your dog closer shows him how much you care and how important he is to you and the whole family.

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