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Why Some People care about Animals More than other Humans.

There are a few reasons why some people may care about animals more than other humans:

Beautiful German Shepherd Puppy
Southernwind Family Team

Empathy for animals:

Some individuals may have a strong sense of empathy towards animals and feel a deep connection with them. They may find it easier to relate to animals and their needs because they perceive animals as innocent and vulnerable beings.

Disillusionment with human behavior:

Some people may have had negative experiences with other humans, such as witnessing cruelty, selfishness, or indifference. This can lead them to develop a preference for animals, as they may view them as more trustworthy or less prone to harm others.

Lack of trust in human institutions:

People who feel disheartened by social or political systems may turn to animals for emotional support. They may perceive animals as being more reliable and uncorrupted compared to human institutions.

Beautiful German Shepherd Puppy and owner
Puppies fill our heart and change our ways of judging life!

Environmental concerns:

Some individuals prioritize animal welfare due to their concern for the environment. They may believe that protecting animals is crucial for maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity of the planet.

Personal experiences and relationships:

Certain individuals may have had significant experiences or formed strong bonds with animals in their lives. This can lead to a deep emotional connection, making them prioritize animal well-being over that of humans.

Emotional escape or coping mechanism:

For some people, caring for animals may serve as an emotional escape or a way to cope with personal challenges. Animals can provide unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of purpose, which may be lacking in their relationships with humans.

It is important to note that caring about animals does not necessarily mean neglecting or devaluing human lives. Many individuals who prioritize animal welfare also actively support human causes and advocate for a more compassionate society overall.


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